Wise Game Booster is described as "- không tính tiền game speedup tool" and is an tiện ích in the OS và Utilities category. There are more than 10 alternatives lớn Wise Game Booster for Windows & Mac. The best alternative is Razer Cortex, which is không tính phí. Other great apps lượt thích Wise Game Booster are Jetboost (Free), Crynet Game Booster (Freemium), GameLibBooster (Paid) & Latency Optimizer (Freemium).

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Game DefragGamePortableRam cachingRegistry repairingShare your screenTime Based RewardsVarnish CacheInternet speed testLightweightMultiple languages
Razer Cortex brings enhanced gaming performance, system performance, and the ability lớn discover the best gaming đơn hàng on a single platform at just a click away.
JetBoost releases more system resources by closing unnecessary background processes & services, thus tweaking your system to its top performance. It scans the running system processes/services and groups them into four major categories, and provides three modes for Boosting.

Crynet trò chơi Booster improves the PC performance by suspending unwanted processes and reduce the ram and processor usage to lớn improve sầu the game performance. unlike the other alternative sầu tools, this won’t kill any processes or services khổng lồ gain performance.
GameLibBooster is a disk optimization software that analyses the performance of your drives & the file structure of your games và ensures that the games you play are always on the most suited drive.
Latency Optimizer comes with a mix of powerful optimization, testing, analyzing và cleaning tools khổng lồ assist you to lớn reduce high latency, fix lag, improve FPS, boost games & applications & tốc độ up Internet connection & PC!.

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Ultra trò chơi Launcher (UGL) is a FREE phầm mềm which provides tools lớn tốc độ up your games và monitors the time spent playing.

The lakiểm tra version 3.2 was released on September 16, 2012. See release info: http://www.loonies.narod.ru/actlbstr.htm

trò chơi Fire is a games accelerating solution, that enables you to lớn enjoy a smoother and more pleasant gaming experience with a touch of button. It optimizes your computer for peak performance màn chơi.
Toolwiz GameBoost allows you khổng lồ treak your PC settings to increase gaming & Internet performance and improve sầu gaming experience. Toolwiz GameBoost doesn"t modify your hardware & all modifications are made with a single click of mouse. The interface is easy-to-use.

The phầm mềm is no longer available on the official website, the last version found at another downloading websites was released on 15 Jan, 2012.

It accelerates the tốc độ of your mac over at any percentage YOU CHOOSE. (yes you read that right.) you get to choose how much faster you want you"re mac lớn run with a handy slider. It boosts your tốc độ a lot but also drains you"re battery life faster than usual.

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