If you’ve lost files on your USB drive sầu due lớn accidental deletion, formatting, malware or any other reason, then don’t panic. Here’s 5 recovery methods you can use to lớn get them bachồng. For the easiest, tải về tekkenbasara.mobi Data Recovery software, which will help you restore the files và get you up & running in no time at all.

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Applies to: USB data recovery on USB flash drive, USB pen drive, external USB drives with USB 4.0/3.0/2.0 ports.

Is there any way khổng lồ recover files from USB drives? This page covers everything that you need lớn know about USB data recovery. Follow our guide to learn how khổng lồ recover USB data safely.



USB Data Recovery Preparation - What lớn Do When You"ve Lost USB Files

USB drives are widely used to lớn transfer & save files as they"re portable, while also fast at reading và writing data. However, if you experience data loss on your USB drive sầu, due to lớn improper operations or unexpected errors, what should you do?

#1. Immediately stop using the USB drive on which the files were lost

1. Don"t use the USB drive that held the lost files, as they are likely lớn still be stored there even though you can"t see them. But, there is a good chance they could be overwritten if you continue using the drive.2. Instead, use one of the 5 USB data recovery solutions outlined below. 

#2. Five sầu ways lớn get bachồng lost files on a USB drive

For beginners, we recommover using the USB File Recovery Software option explained in Method 1, as this is the easiest & most straightforward way to recover your files.

Method 1. How lớn find lost files on a USB drive sầu using USB Data Recovery Software.

Applies to: All levels of Windows và USB drive users.

The simplest and most reliable way lớn get your files baông xã is to use dedicated data recovery software. tekkenbasara.mobi Data Recovery Wizard is an excellent option due lớn its powerful tools & easy-to-underst& interface.

See What tekkenbasara.mobi USB Data Recovery Software Can Do for You

tekkenbasara.mobi Data Recovery Wizard

3 Steps to lớn recover all files and folders from your USB device.Recover lost or deleted files, documents, photos, audio, music, emails effectivelyRecover USB data from sudden deletion, formatting, hard drive sầu corruption, virus attaông xã, system crash, etc.
 Download for Win  Download for Mac

Download this 100% secure software suite and follow the tutorial below to lớn start using the USB tệp tin recovery features. It only takes a few simple clicks.

Detailed Guide: 3 Steps lớn Recover Data from USB

Step 1. Run USB Data Recovery Software

Connect the USB flash drive lớn your computer và launch tekkenbasara.mobi USB data recovery software on your PC. Select the USB drive sầu which is labeled as a removable disk, and click "Scan" to start looking for your lost files.


Step 2. Scan and Search Lost Files on a USB Drive

tekkenbasara.mobi Data Recovery Wizard will thoroughly scan your USB flash drive sầu & find all your lost data on it. When the scan process completes, use the Filter feature lớn filter by a specific file type. This program allows you to lớn check và pĐánh Giá files found on your USB.


Step 3. Restore All Lost Files from USB

A double-cliông xã will allow you lớn pReviews the scan results. Select the target files khổng lồ restore and cliông chồng "Recover" khổng lồ save them khổng lồ a secure location on your PC or other external storage devices.


Note: After the recovery is complete, remember khổng lồ save sầu the restored files lớn another location và format the USB drive to make it safe to lớn use once more.

Video Tutorial: Recover from USB Flash Drive with tekkenbasara.mobi Data Recovery Wizard

You can also follow this đoạn Clip and run tekkenbasara.mobi Data Recovery Wizard to lớn persize SD thẻ recovery, recover files from external hard drive sầu, hardware RAID, SD card, memory cards, etc.

Method 2. Perkhung USB Data Recovery Using Command Prompt

Applies to: Advanced Windows users who know how khổng lồ use CMD comm& very well.

Another method you can try is using the Commvà Prompt. This can recover data from a USB drive but does require a more hands-on approach. One limitation is that it only works on hidden files.

Step 1. Connect the USB flash drive lớn your computer.

Step 2. Run Comm& Prompt as an administrator.


Step 3. Type attrib -h -r -s /s /d e:*.* and hit "Enter".

Note: Replace e: with the drive letter of your USB flash drive sầu or USB external hard drive sầu.


After the steps above sầu, the hidden files on your USB will be visible again.

Method 3. Recover Hidden USB Files with CMD Alternative Tool

Apples to: Recover hidden files from USB flash drive sầu or USB pen drives, SD thẻ, etc., with a CMD alternative sầu tool.

Manual execution of the comm& line is suitable for computer professionals, since incorrect commands can do more harm than good. Therefore, for security và usability, we strongly recommover you try an automatic comm& line alternative - tekkenbasara.mobi CleanGenius. It is a practical tool that enables you khổng lồ check and fix file system errors, enable/disable write protection and update your system with one-cliông chồng instead of typing intricate comm& lines.

Follow the simple steps below to lớn show hidden files with this 1-click-fix software. 

Step 1.  DOWNLOAD tekkenbasara.mobi CleanGenius for Free.

Step 2. Start tekkenbasara.mobi CleanGenius, choose "Optimization" on the left panel. Next, click "File Showing" on the right panel. 


Step 3. Select the hard drive và click "Execute".

Step 4. After the operation completes, clichồng the View button to lớn check the hidden files. 

Method 4. Recover Lost Files from USB with Backup

Applies to: Recover lost or deleted files from USB drive with previously created backup.

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If you have sầu a backup of the lost data, you use it lớn recover the files, usually with a 100% success rate. Here are the steps:

Step 1. Find your USB data backup on your computer or external storage device.

Step 2. Locate và select your lost data from the backup.

Step 3. Copy & save the data baông chồng to lớn your USB drive sầu.

If you don"t have a backup, then your best option is to lớn return to Method 1 and use the tekkenbasara.mobi Data Recovery software.

 Download for Win  Download for Mac

Method 5. Recover USB Data from Previous Versions

Applies to: Recover USB data from the previous version on Windows. 

Windows has a useful feature called Previous Versions, which acts as a kind of system backup for files. It doesn"t work all the time but is well worth trying.

Here are the steps:

Step 1. Connect the USB drive sầu khổng lồ your computer.

Step 2. mở cửa This PC và right-click your USB drive sầu, select "Properties". 

Step 3. Go lớn the Previous Versions tab, select an available previous version & clichồng "Restore".

Note: This feature may not show up on the latest version of Windows 10 for some files. It also requires that File History is enabled before the data loss occurred. If this is the case, tekkenbasara.mobi Data Recovery Wizard can help you get back your files instead.

Causes of USB Data Loss

If you"ve successfully restored lost data from your USB flash drive or external hard drive sầu, congratulations. Almost everyone has suffered from data loss at one time or another.

To prsự kiện any future problems, it"s a good idea lớn understand what can cause data loss issues. Here"s a danh sách of the most common culprits:

Accidental deletionCareless formattingInvalid tệp tin system errorVirus or malware infectionHardware failureConnection issue

So, if you want to keep your data safe on USB drives, follow the tip in the next section.

Bonus Tips: How to lớn Baông xã Up USB Data

Not only USB, other devices like hard drive sầu, SD card, memory thẻ, and more are also the places where data loss occurs.

It"s always better to lớn try & prevent data loss rather than recover from it. So here are some tips on how to lớn avoid disaster on your USB drive, SD thẻ, memory card, external hard drive, or other storage media.

#1. Create a backup of USB data regularly

To backup USB files, you have three options:

1. Turn to miễn phí tệp tin backup software for help; 2. Manually copy & paste files lớn another location; 3. Upload và save sầu USB data to lớn a Cloud drive sầu.

We recommend you try the ever-reliable tekkenbasara.mobi Tobởi vì Backup software. With this, you can back up all the files on a USB drive sầu to lớn an internal or external storage device in only a few simple clicks:

Important Things:

Connect all of the USB or other external devices lớn your computer, PC, or máy vi tính.Download and launch tekkenbasara.mobi Tovị Backup on your computer.

Then, follow the detailed steps below:

Step 1. xuất hiện tekkenbasara.mobi Tobởi Backup và select Disk/Partition to lớn start.

Step 2. Select the USB drive you want to backup, then select another USB drive as the destination for the files.

Basic Settings:

Sector by sector backup - Creates a backup of the complete contents of the drive sầu. This can very useful when recovering from system crashes, but bear in mind that it will take longer to lớn create due khổng lồ the large amount of data being copied.

Destination - Cliông xã the thư mục inhỏ to lớn modify your backup destination.

Plan name & Description - Giving your backup an accurate plan name and appropriate mô tả tìm kiếm will help you easily find the right one if you need to lớn restore data.

Advanced backup settings are useful when you want to lớn create a flexible and automatic backup plan. 

A schedule is khổng lồ create an automatic backup plan. 

Backup options are to edit the advanced parameters. Image-reserve strategy is khổng lồ reserve the limited image as per image retention rule. 

Step 3. You can cliông chồng proceed khổng lồ start creating the backup.

You may also be interested in: Aulớn Backup Files khổng lồ External hard Drive sầu.

#2. Deal with USB drive sầu carefully

It"s also a good idea khổng lồ spover a little time maintaining your USB drives to ensure they remain in prime condition. Here are some simple things lớn try:

Set a valid file system for USB or USB flash drive sầu. (FAT32, NTFS, or exFAT are acceptable.)Run antivirut software khổng lồ clean up viruses or malware on drives.Connect and eject the USB drive from the PC properly.Pay careful attention when deleting files or formatting drives.

The Bottom Line

In this article, we"ve covered 5 reliable USB data recovery methods that should help you salvage files that you thought may be lost forever.

If you want the most reliable solution that"s fast & simple lớn use, tekkenbasara.mobi Data Recovery Wizard is an unmissable choice, as it outperforms its rivals thanks khổng lồ its excellent performance. With it, you can recover data from various kinds of storage devices in different kinds of data loss situations.

If your data is precious, then protect it in the best way possible by adding tekkenbasara.mobi Data Recovery to your device.

We can reduce the chance of data loss, but we cannot eliminate the possibility of losing data. Thus, both the backup software and data recovery software are necessary to lớn ensure data security.

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