lớn change completely the appearance or character of something or someone, especially so that that thing or person is improved:
Whenever a camera was pointed at her, Marilyn would instantly transform herself into lớn a radiant star.

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Smart metropolirã developments have sầu transformed former industrial areas in cities such as Birmingđam mê và Manchester.
Social & political changes are transforming the way people think about social, economic, và environmental problems.

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transsize sth/yourself into sth Her strategic vision transformed an unglamourous supermarket chain into a retail giant with sales of £46 bn.
be transformed into/by/from sth Entire apartment blocks are being transformed into subsidised accommodation for young people.
transform a company/business/organization Performance incentives transformed the organization & its culture.
transkhung a country/market(place)/product Market reforms have helped khổng lồ transkhung Đài Loan Trung Quốc into one of the great centres of globalization.

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transsize sth inkhổng lồ sth New forms of iron ore can be transformed inlớn steel without the need for blast furnaces.
Subjecting "force" & "attraction" to lớn rigorous mathematical treatment does not entail that "force" và "attraction" are transformed inlớn pure mathematical concepts without any physical meaning.
The "second-stage filter" has a larger receptive field than the "first-stage filters," and sums the nonlinearly transformed outputs of the first-stage filters.
The advent of the gramophone transformed the cultural conditions of contemporary music, including the way it was taught.





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