Total video clip converter serial key crachồng is an application that converts any đoạn Clip and audio format khổng lồ various file formats. Total video clip converter is a hàng hóa of Effectmatrix Ltd and one of the most popular Total video conversion version among mỏi total video clip converter users.

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The application is a handy tool more so because video clip formats keep advancing and changing. Users of the various truyền thông devices; physical & digital, hence are constantly faced with an incompatibility issue where the truyền thông media players vị not recognize the new formats.

To start with, Total đoạn phim converter 3.71 is an award-winning Clip converter tool that converts almost all the mainstream video clip formats. The available Clip formats for the conversion are several & include 3GPhường., MP4, XVID, DIVX, RM, RMVB, OGG MPEG4, AVI, FLV và much more.

Some of the typical uses of Total video converter 3.71 is that it enables users lớn convert their HD video formats inkhổng lồ MP4 HD chất lượng videos. More so, the app allows conversion of đoạn phim songs without the background sound. Although the too will reduce the đoạn Clip form size, the ứng dụng dos not reduce the đoạn Clip or the quality of the audio. Rather, the video converter allows a user to enhance the unique of video or audio formats

The converted videos are compatible with a wide range of truyền thông devices such as smartphones, iPod and iPhone, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PSP Apple TV.

Besides, Total đoạn phim converter 3.7 has a built-in a disc- burning program that allows users create CDs and DVDs with ease. Moreover, the app is designed to allow users lớn burn videos using the converted files.

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The phầm mềm is designed with two modes. That is easy mode & the advanced mode. The easy mode contains easy to lớn use tools thereby khuyễn mãi giảm giá for novice users. The advanced mode, on the other hvà, contains advanced tools. Notably, the advanced mode allows users to lớn change various aspects of the Clip such as audio codec, bitrate, & size.

Total đoạn Clip converter 3.71 is designed with a fast và well-organized interface ikhuyễn mãi giảm giá even for the inexperienced users. The interface works by tabs that are easily located and divide the program into lớn groups making it easy to lớn select what format to convert. The various groups in the program are the đoạn Clip file, pocket player, burn, Audio file, convert and others.

Aý muốn its remarkable features is it’s edition function. This feature allows users to alter the contents of their archives before moving khổng lồ the targeted thư mục or format.

Another remarkable feature of the phầm mềm is that it has great compatibility with various HD formats. In addition to being a handy tool for đoạn Clip conversion, the tiện ích helps users extract content from xanh ray discs và DVD

Notably, unlike other similar products, Total Video Converter 3.71 output selection is not arranged as a drop-down các mục of tệp tin formats. Rather, the output selection contains a collection of buttons that are located on a separate screen.

Finally, the app is easy to lớn install, and users will not need to install another tiện ích that regards đoạn phim conversion. Mostly, Total Clip converter 3.71 allows alterations of configurations lớn bởi with color, brightness, settings, saturation, contrast so to create more personalized videos.


Main features:

Available for Mac và Windows operating systemsCompatible with the lakiểm tra Mac operating systemsWorks with virtually all Clip formatsSupports English & 14 more languagesNative sầu tư vấn for various popular audio formatsSupports various archivesProfessionally designed graphics that clearly shows the output that has been selectedAllows users khổng lồ burn creations from different disc formatsVideo modifier, Video Cropper that are user-friendlyVideo merger & video enables merge multiplex and demultiplex video clip clips into lớn oneSupport for watermarks from an imageUsers can make photo slideshowsA Fluid drag & drop feature that makes adding of files for conversion easyComes with a trial versionIntegrated truyền thông burning toolPowerful truyền thông conversion engineEnables burning of Clip lớn AVCHD discPowerful đoạn Clip editor tool that enables users modify each Clip lớn their needs15 days miễn phí trial periodComes with a free to tải về Total video converter 3.71 demoSupports both 32-bit and 64- bit Windows setupAllows making of photo lớn slideshowsAllows integration into lớn Windows Explorer with context menuDesigned with photos slideshow that combines photos & music with a fantasy transition effect


Compatibility with almost all media filesFast và easy video clip conversion functionVerifies ad không lấy phí from viruses, Trojans, and malwareSimple user interfaceConverts videos with audio track and subtitlesFully compatible with Windows 7Does not thua sound or picture chất lượng of the converted đoạn Clip formatsConverts the chất lượng of low-chất lượng videos khổng lồ high-unique HD đoạn Clip formatsEnables customization of videos by changing hue, brightness, saturation, contrast of the video clip filesSupports batch conversion


Does not contain live- chat feature or toll-không lấy phí numbersDoes not offer the option lớn tải về videos from YouTube and other online sites so khổng lồ convertIncompatibility with the recent 4k- Ultra HD video clip standard

Operating systems:

Windows 2000Windows ServerWindows NTWINDOWS 2008Windows XPWindows 8Windows 8.1Windows 7Windows 10Windows Vista

Installation requirements:

Memory (RAM) 256 MBAt least 20MB hard disk space

How khổng lồ install:

Follow the download link to the official websiteClichồng tải về nowCliông xã setup file when promptedRun setup fileCliông xã ‘Next’ on the on-screen promptsOnce installing is complete, cliông xã, finishExtract the downloaded file from the saved destination

How lớn Use:

To begin using the application, cliông xã on ‘new task’ iconImport the Clip files you need to lớn convertSelect output formats when promptedSelect either ‘audio file’ or đoạn phim file’ and select desired formatCliông chồng on ‘filter’ and ‘settings’ at the left top corner to lớn customize converterSelect output destinationFinally, start a video or audio conversion

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