Has anyone tried successfully installing Forefront TMG 2010 on Windows Server 2012?

I tried but failed, it complained about unable lớn add roles and features.

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Thank you for the post.

As far as I know, TMG is not compatibility with Windows Server 2012.


Niông xã Gu - MSFT



At this point in time, it does not work and I would assume that it isn"t supported.

Maybe MS will provide an update/service pack for TMG that will resolve this. Otherwise we"ll have sầu lớn hope that a new version is in the works. For the latter, your guess is as good as mine.

Hth, Anders Janson Enfo Zipper



Thank you for the post.

As far as I know, TMG is not compatibility with Windows Server 2012.


Niông xã Gu - MSFT

Didn"t you hear? Microsoft is stopping development of their best products & moving lớn the cloud. TMG is a dead sản phẩm. I"ve started replacing my customers" deployments with Cisco endpoints. Unbelievable that such a sản phẩm, with NO equal in the market, is being killed. No TMG but Windows Server 2012 has a Metro start menu! WTFH!!!!! Then there"s the whole "Server 2012" thing while Exchange, Sharepoint, Lync và Office are all getting 2013 labels. Why not keep the brand consistent?

Hey Ballmer, can I run the show for a couple years? I"ve no education và no experience. I couldn"t possibly make things worse :)

Wednesday, September 5, 2012 1:01 AM
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TMG 2010 will not work on Server 2012.

There"s nosuccessor khổng lồ TMG.

UAG hàng hóa future is unsure although MS states it is being "actively developed". But where"s the plan? Funnily enough as you all know UAG is based on TMG. DA hasmoved lớn Server 2012 so it remains a mystery if the reverse proxy functionality will further developed in"UAG" version that works on Server 2012 (without TMG presumably).

One question I have is this:

As MS is touting a move to the cloud (yeah, I am very aware of different flavours of clouds) and on-premise is so last year, how does MS suggest that - if you are interested in using MS products - clients will be securely able lớn reach the Internet and the cloud? In other words, the forward proxy functionality. Fortigate? Cisco?

Hth, Anders Janson Enfo Zipper

Friday, November 23, 2012 8:55 AM
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Hi all, I am omar Naser,

I tried lớn install TMG 2010 on windows server2012 DAtacenter, The problem in the Roles và Features appears as you know, but i instaaled the roles only manually, and after restraed the VPS the TMG installed successfully.

Thank you lớn all

Monday, May 13, 2013 8:07 AM
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Hey Ballmer, can I run the show for a couple years? I"ve no education and no experience. I couldn"t possibly make things worse :)

Priceless, & too true. Microsoft has made so many bad moves over the last5 years it"s just incredible. Very much a case of "the emperor has no clothes". But, they are also so large that they really can screw the pooch (và the customer) for a very long time before it ever really affects them.

I"ve often said, if Bill Gates really wants to lớn be a humanitarian his first endeavor should bea return lớn Microsoft...his customers are really hurting and it"s a clear case of needing humanitarian intervention.

But, and let"s be clear, Microsoft has never operated from a sincere desire khổng lồ serve their customers. Instead, they"ve sầu always operated from a desire khổng lồ obtain their customer"s money.

This is why you get arbitrary decisions such as killing off TMG. They don"t even think about (or care about) their installed client base or how this will effect them. Loyalty never factors into lớn the equation. Their decision making process is strictly governed by what"s best for them - that"s it. It"s a wholly selfish pursuit.

So if they "see" another way forward that still enables them to lớn get that loot (or more of it) they"ll just arbitrarily change direction - without a thought khổng lồ their customers.

In a real business customer satisfaction is key. As a result of that philosophy people are inspired to buy the company"s products and tkết thúc to trust the company because they see that philosophy in action. This is not Microsoft and almost never has been. Make no mistake, it"s gotten worse over the years since Gates left. When Gates was there you could always motivate hlặng by ridiculing him in the press. So if/when Microsoft screwed up, the press would write up an article about it và Gates would immediately address the issue lest he look lượt thích an idiot. So, at least there were some checks và balances there.

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I mean, to give you an example of just how screwed up Microsoft is, they can"t even release a proper Service Paông chồng for TMG 2010 that incorporates all their hotfixes và rollups. Why? They just don"t care. They"ve also made it very hard to lớn find any documentation on the proper install order etc. Why? They just don"t care. They never updated the documentation for it, instead they routinely direct people lớn the ISA 2004 docs for TMG 2010. Why? They just don"t care.

What you, as a paying customer, thinks or desires is never a part of their decision making process. It does not factor in at all.

It doesn"t matter that you paid a gazillion dollars for TMG or that you implemented a major (& complex) large scale roll-out. Microsoft just woke up one morning & did what they always do, pulled the plug on it with no though to lớn their clients whatsoever.

When NT Server 4 came out Microsoft wrote many articles mentioning how much better it was at Symmetric Multi-Processing then NT 3.51 was. I mean, entire 100 page trắng papers were written about it. People took them khổng lồ task about it & the understanding was that it really wasn"t much better. Still, Microsoft kept churning out White papers about how much better it was then 3.51. Why? To sell as many NT Server 4.0 licenses and upgrades as possible.

Just to lớn be clear, Microsoft did everything possible to promote the "far superior" SMP. functionality in NT Server 4.0 even though the entire world knew it was BS.

What happened when Windows 2000 Advanced Server came out? Microsoft leaked a document showing how poorly NT Server 4.0"s SMP.. functionality was. Why? To get people to buy/tăng cấp to lớn Windows 2000 Advanced Server. They shot their own sản phẩm down and took a public stance in the exact opposite direction of what they publicly maintained all along. No shame whatsoever.

It goes on và on. I still reGọi the whole mess of the service packs and feature upgrades that came out for NT Server 4.0 post RTM. It was such a mess that Gates himself issued a mandate that no new product functionality would ever be included in a service paông xã again & that every service pack, from here khổng lồ eternity, would be cumulative sầu. This was a smart thing to lớn bởi vì, it was learned from the challenging programmatic experience of trying lớn tư vấn a hodgepodge of hotfixes, rollups etc.

What vày you have sầu today? The exact same mess. Just try tofigure out what order khổng lồ install the Service Packs and hotfixes for TMG in.Even worse, Microsoft"s own documentation for the hotfixes contradict themselves. On the one hand, they say no prerequisites and on the other, they danh mục prerequisites. In the over, the only smart way lớn vị a new TMG 2010 install is to lớn install all the service packs & hotfixes as they were released - in that order.

Why the mess when Microsoft could easily incorporate everything inlớn a single service pack? Because they don"t care. Get this through your head, Microsoft does not care about you, their customer. They never really have sầu although it was better when Gates was there.

The shame of it is that this dollars-first philosophy (and the customer be damned) has rewarded Gates financially. Unfortunately, his success in this manner has served lớn spread this philosophy to lớn any/all businesses in general - to the detriment of business everywhere.

It was Gates who really taught people how lớn break up a hàng hóa và make more money by selling it"s individual components. It was Gates who met with Ballmer late one night và discussed how khổng lồ drive the stochồng price down so that he could buy out Paul Allen. This is a fact, it"s been broadcast on TV & Paul Allen has publicly spoken about this. Gates was an incredibly ruthless person - period. He killed many businesses on his rise to the top & he never lost sleep over any of it. That should tell you something about his character and the company.

It was Gates who taught everyone about outsourcing to India. Let"s be really clear on that one. What"s the state of the world"s economy? Pretty darn bad. Do you think all this outsourcing that Gates invented, and proudly promoted lớn everyone, has had a positive sầu impact on the US? Not a chance, The US has never been in such a mess before in it"s life và a great giảm giá khuyến mãi of that mess has been created by the very same outsourcing that Gates so "brilliantly" and aggressively promoted to lớn everyone.

Just so we"re clear on that, whenever you call inlớn any large company and get a poor connection to lớn someone with poor English skills, who doesn"t really know what they are taking about at all, you can thank Bill Gates for creating the perception that outsourcing is such a wonderful thing.

It is for the company, it"s not for the country.

Just last night he was on 60 minutes explaining how he was going khổng lồ eradicate several 3rd world diseases. Nice. Great stuff, but from my view, it very much seems to lớn me to be a case of a man who beats and robs a person of all their money, on a recurring basis if at all possible,and then elects lớn spover it on something he deems valid. Should we thank hlặng for that? That"s a moral/ethical judgment that I can"t make but I bởi wonder about it often.

I mean, really, if I stole all the money from all the banks in the world và then decided lớn give sầu it away does that make me a hero? Of course not. It came at the cost of an awful lot of people.It"s worthnoting that his wife assured everyone in last night"s interview that he does actually have sầu a heart. She wouldn"t have married hyên if he didn"t. That"s good lớn know because if one really looks closely at Microsoft & it"s actions one begins khổng lồ wonder!

Microsoft"s strategy has always been khổng lồ own the entire market such that everyone is forced inkhổng lồ buying their sản phẩm. It really isn"t by choice anymore. Yet Microsoft"s defense against anti-trust regulation was that they needed lớn be "không tính phí lớn innovate". It really does remind one of Nazi Germany & Adolph Hitler"s need for "breathing room" :)

Seriously, when you look at the big picture, what did Microsoft"s pioneering work in outsourcing khổng lồ India bởi vì for the US economy when you factor in all the other companies that followed suit & outsourced lớn China? It was Gates who really taught us these "tricks" and showed us just how profitable they could be. But at what cost lớn our own countries? The US is effectively bankrupt. Nothing is being made in the USA anymore. Instead, everyone is pulling a "gates" và squeezing the customer for the every last dollar they have, preferably on a recurring annual basis.

This truly gives new meaning lớn the words "paying the Bill".

On the one h& you have this huge self-centered money sucking business (Microsoft) designed to lớn lochồng in and suck as much money out of you as possible, & on the other, you have sầu this huge money giving enterprise (the Bill và Melindomain authority Gates foundation) where the lion"s nội dung of the money comes from what they could effectively steal from the general public.

Maybe it"s just me, but usually you have khổng lồ vote for that level of authority. Should Gates go down in history as one of the great humanitarians of all time? I don"t know. I really don"t. But no analyses would be complete without a full understanding of how he got that money in the first place and much of that was through wholly unscrupulous business behavior. I mean, really, really ruthless stuff.

One thing I know for certain, Microsoft, as a company, has always needed a heart. They just don"t have one. When Gates was there, I would see traces of it. With hyên ổn gone, it"s much, much worse. But, lượt thích Gates said in his interview, I don"t mow the lawn either. I really think that"s how he views Microsoft. His vision is extraordinary. What you/they now call "the cloud" is what he called Application Service Providing more then a decade ago. So he"s probably very much in a place of having to lớn wait for his vision lớn come lớn pass (it could not sooner for various technical reasons such as bandwidth) but make no mistake, what that ultimate vision is is this, you never buy a CD with the software on it, you just rent it per use and run it off the Internet. Thus, he has the ultimate efficient machine khổng lồ continue that recurring revenue stream while at the same time reducing operational costs to the lowest và most efficient manner. ie. Maximize the income and minimize the outgo.

What does this all mean? It"s great for hyên but I can"t help but wonder where the middle class went in America in this gr& design? There"s a lot lớn this issue &, as mentioned, it really comes baông chồng to lớn the fact that normally you have sầu to lớn vote for someoneto give sầu them that power. On the other hvà, we voted with our pocketbooks over the years although the Gates "stranglehold" really has made it much less of a choice....

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