a person who is in charge of work done in a particular department, office, etc., or who is responsible for keeping a building or place in good condition:

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a person who is in charge of work done and who manages the employees in a particular office, department, or area:
in the US, someone in charge of a government department or official activity or process, who makes sure that rules and laws are obeyed:
superintendent of sth She is currently serving as superintendent of the Kansas City School District.

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Depôt superintendents receive a one-week course, and supporting technical staff, foremen and charge-hands a two-week course.
In addition to these there are 847,000, who in the census of occupational statistics, are described as general managers, superintendents, foremen, etc.
I have visited both chief superintendents and police stations regularly during the past eight years to discuss policing matters.
The superintendents of various districts all vie with each other to run their particular districts economically, which is quite right.
The care and the strong motherly feeling which the matrons and the superintendents of these institutions show is to me a marvellous thing.
No special machinery exists for the promotion of shorthand typists employed in offices where there are no posts for superintendents of typists.
Local superintendents are now accountable to the local population, so there is direct democratic accountability.
The very number of sergeants and inspectors who are needed—the even smaller number of superintendents—.
The travelling expenses incurred by superintendents in 1911 was £792, but the amount incurred in 1912 is not yet known.
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Sharpe immediately sent the assistant superintendent of police to fetch his superior, and did what he could in the meantime.
Further, at the present time there are such persons as deputy registrars and deputy superintendent registrars.





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