Sublime Text is a sophisticated text editor for code, markup and prose. You"ll love sầu the sliông chồng user interface, extraordinary features & amazing performance.

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What"s New



License Changes

Sublime Text license keys are no longer tied to a single major version, instead they are now valid for all updates within 3 years of purchase. After that, you will still have sầu full access to every version of Sublime Text released within the 3 year window, but newer builds will required a license tăng cấp. These are the same license terms we use for Sublime Merge, và they allow us khổng lồ deliver more frequent & exciting updates as soon as they"re ready, without having to lớn roll them inkhổng lồ a new major version.

Tab Multi-Select

File tabs have been enhanced khổng lồ make split views effortless, with support throughout the interface and built-in commands. The side bar, tab bar, Golớn Anything, Gokhổng lồ Definition, tự động complete & more have all been tweaked to lớn make code navigation easier and more intuitive sầu than ever.

Apple Silinhỏ & Linux ARM64

Sublime Text for Mac now includes native sầu tư vấn for Apple Silibé processors. Linux ARM64 builds are also available for devices lượt thích the Raspberry Pi.

Refreshed UI

The Default & Adaptive themes have been refreshed with new tab styles and inactive pane dimming. Themes và Color Schemes tư vấn tự động dark-mode switching. The Adaptive theme on Windows and Linux now features custom title bars.

Context-Aware Aulớn Complete

The auto complete engine has been rewritten to provide smart completions based on existing code in a project. Suggestions are also augmented with info about their kind, & provide liên kết khổng lồ definitions.

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TypeScript, JSX và TSX Support

Support for one of the most popular new programming languages is now shipped by default. Utilize all of the smart syntax-based features of Sublime Text within the modern JavaScript ecosystem.

Superpowered Syntax Definitions

The syntax highlighting engine has been significantly improved, with new features like handling non-deterministic grammars, multi-line constructs, lazy embeds & syntax inheritance. Memory usage has been reduced, và load times are faster than ever.

GPU Rendering

Sublime Text can now utilize your GPU on Linux, Mac & Windows when rendering the interface. This results in a fluid UI all the way up lớn 8K resolutions, all while using less power than before.

Updated Python API

The Sublime Text API has been updated to Pybé nhỏ 3.8, while keeping backwards compatibility with packages built for Sublime Text 3. The API has been significantly expanded, adding features that allow plugins like LSPhường. lớn work better than ever. Read the revamped documentation here.


Sublime Text 4 is fully compatible with version 3. It will pickup your session & configuration automatically. If you"d prefer however, it is possible to lớn keep things separate.

Release Highlights

Multi-select tabs lớn view them side-by-sideContext-aware auto complete by finding similar code elsewhere in the current projectSymbols have kind information that is shown for completions và navigationTheme can follow system dark mode preference & title bars can be themed on all platformsSyntax highlighting now supports back-tracking và inheritanceMany syntax highlighting improvements as well as builtin TypeScript, JSX & TSX supportGPU rendering for improved performance. Enabled by default on macOSARM64 tư vấn for Linux and macOS (Apple Silicon)Many plugin API additions particularly khổng lồ better support plugins lượt thích LSPPyhẹp 3.8 tư vấn for plugins

GPU Rendering

New hardware_acceleration setting will composite the UI on the GPUBy mặc định, GPU rendering is enabled on Mac, & disabled on Windows and LinuxDetails about the active GPU will be displayed in the Console

Context-aware Auto lớn Complete

The tự động hóa complete engine now suggests completions based on patterns in existing codeUses the entire project as a source, instead of just the current viewPlugins may specify symbol kind info to lớn be displayed in suggestions list

Tab Multi-select

Multiple tabs can be selected using ctrl/cmd, their contents will be shown side-by-sideSelecting multiple files from the sidebar will also pnhận xét them simultaneouslyIncluded themes have sầu a tab connector joining the active sầu sheet và tab when using sheet multi-selectThe sidebar can now select multiple files using altGoto Anything allows opening tabs side-by-side using ctrl/cmdThe Definition popup has a dedicated button for opening files side-by-sideMultiple tabs can also be selected from the tab dropdownThe menu Selection/Tab Selection contains various options for manipulating tab multi-selectFile/New View into lớn File has been replaced by File/Split View using multi-select

Pyhạn hẹp 3.8 API

Added a Pybé 3.8 API environment for pluginsPlugins can choose Pyhẹp version via .python-version file in plugin folderExisting plugins are fully supported via legacy Pynhỏ 3.3 APIMany API improvements và additions - see API section for more details

Goto lớn Symbol

Golớn Symbol in Project is now significantly faster on huge projectsIcons are now shown next lớn symbols, indicating the symbol kindSymbols with 3 characters or less are now indexed

Syntax Definitions

Added out of the box support for TypeScript, JSX & TSX - thanks lớn Thomas SmithAdded ability khổng lồ "branch" within syntax definitions, for non-deterministic or multi-line constructsMany syntax highlighting improvements, including significant improvements to:Erlang, with thanks khổng lồ deathaxeSignificantly improved load times, match times & reduced cabịt size on diskembed is now lazy loaded, resulting in much higher performance for syntaxes lượt thích markdownAdded branch & fail for non-deterministic parsingAdded version: 2 khổng lồ fix edge cases while retaining backwards compatibilityAdded extends khổng lồ inherit from another syntax definition. Multiple inheritance is supported, provided all parents have the same base syntaxAdded hidden_extensionsAllow using pop alongside push/set/embed/branchFixed a performance issue with bounded repeats in regular expressionsSyntax tests can now assert that reindent is working as expectedSyntax tests can now assert that symbols are indexedPrsự kiện infinite include loops via with_prototypeFixed a number of scope related bugsFixed some regex capture related bugsAdded more information to lớn the Show Scope Name popup

OS Compatibility

The following operating systems are no longer supported as a result of adding Python thả 3.8:

OS X 10.7OS X 10.8Windows XPWindows Vista

Platsize Integration

Added automatic dark/light theme & color scheme switching, based on OS theme changessubl - can now be used lớn read from stdin on all platformsWindows will rethành viên their Virtual Desktop/Space/Workspace, controlled by the remember_workspace settingScroll bars now follow platkhung conventions when clicking on them. Configurable using Scroll Bar.sublime-mousemapMac: Releases use universal binaries with Apple Silinhỏ supportMac: Updated ibé to follow macOS 11 styleMac: Windows will now stay maximized when using Mac window tabsMac: Fix various issues with the wrong cursor being usedLinux: ARM64 builds are now availableLinux: Text drag and drop is now supportedLinux: Added proper support for WaylandLinux: cảm ứng screen events are now handledLinux: Better support for copy+paste with other applications that don"t support utf8 textLinux: Native tệp tin dialogs lượt thích those for KDE will be used when configuredWindows: IME preview và multi-select supportWindows, Linux: Added support for custom title barsWindows, Linux: Use vsync for animations instead of a fixed 60hzMac, Linux: Improved compatibility with some keyboard layouts

Application Behavior

Added Safe Mode, to lớn simulate a clean install. Enabled by passing --safe-mode on the commvà line or holding shift+alt/option at startup on Windows/macOS respectivelyAdded Help/Report a Bug to links lớn our public issue trackerAdded options khổng lồ hot_exit setting to lớn control behavior when the last window is closedFixed a possible case where an update loses the current sessionSettings containing a UTF-8 BOM will no longer fail lớn loadAdded tư vấn for previewing TGA và PSD imagesAdded close_deleted_files setting khổng lồ control behavior of session restoration when files have sầu been deleted on diskPopup windows now use virtual windows for improved performanceImproved performance when loading files with very long linesImproved rendering performance on very long linesImproved performance with large session filesData directories have sầu dropped the "3", though if a "3" directory still exists it will be usedMac: Quiông xã Switch Project now works without any windows openMac, Linux: The cađậy và index are now located in the proper location (~/.cabít and ~/Library/Caches respectively)

Aukhổng lồ Complete

Typing the full tab trigger of a snippet will move it to the top of the resultsManually typing in the only available completion will hide the auto complete popup.sublime-completion files can now specify annotation, kind & detailsRanking quality improvementsImproved behavior of completions starting with non-word charactersauto_complete_trailing_symbols is now disabled by defaultcancelCompletion will no longer prsự kiện manual invocationAdded the auto_complete_when_likely settingAdded auto_complete_preserve_order settingAdded auto_complete_include_snippets_when_typing settingAdded auto_complete_use_index settingAdded auto_complete_use_history setting khổng lồ control if previous choices are automatically selectedRunning the auto_complete comm& when tự động complete is already showing will re-query plugins for resultsauto_complete_selector now applies khổng lồ the position before the just-typed in character, matching auto_complete_triggers

Input Handling

Modifier key taps can now be used as part of a key binding. For example, <"ctrl", "ctrl"> will trigger when Ctrl is pressed twice without pressing any other keys in betweenLinux: AltGr can now be used in key bindings via altgrLinux: Added a workaround for a touchscreen driver bug, which would cause right cliông xã và mouse scrolling lớn stop workingLinux: When the menu is hidden, pressing alt will show itMac: Fix Pinyin inputMac: Keypad keys can now be bound khổng lồ as expectedMac: Added key bindings for macOS application tabsWindows, Linux: Hide mouse cursor when typing. Controlled via hide_pointer_while_typing settingWindows, Linux: Fixed being unable lớn bind Ctrl+Break

Editor Control

Added File/Print, which prints via a browserAdded Edit/Copy as HTMLBuild systems now use new annotations functionality instead of phantoms, reducing re-flowUnvì chưng history is preserved in the sessionComments and layout are preserved when programmatically editing preferencesCaret blinking is disabled by mặc định. Set caret_style setting lớn smooth for previous behaviorImproved automatic indentation detectionAdded relative sầu line numbers, controlled by the relative_line_numbers settingAdded setting scroll_context_linesAdded setting hide_pointer_while_typingAdded setting control_character_styleAdded Project/Recent/Remove DeletedAdded chain comm& to run multiple commands in seriesswitch_file commvà now handles filenames with compound extensionsThe scroll_past_over setting now supports customizing the scroll distance using numbers from 0.0 to lớn 1.0Double-clicking a semi-transient sheet"s tab will now fully open the sheettrim_trailing_white_space_on_save can now be set to "not_on_caret"trim_trailing_white_space_on_save now trims only newly inserted trailing whitespace by mặc định. Controlled via trim_only_modified_white_space settingExpanded draw_white_space setting, supporting leading & trailing trắng spaceUnicode white space characters, such as the zero width no-break space, are now drawn as hex values. Controlled via draw_unicode_white_space settingFixed spelling correction khổng lồ support languages with upper case characters after start of wordAdded commands to simplify customizing the active sầu theme or color schemeQuiông chồng Switch Project will open the selected project in a new window if Ctrl (Cmd on Mac) is held downAdded wrap_width_style preferenceAdded console_max_history_linesAdded additional settings to lớn control the status bar: show_sidebar_button, show_indentation và show_syntaxConsole now uses Python thả syntax highlighting by defaultAdded Central European (Mac) encoding supportKey Bindings: Join Lines is now on Ctrl+Shift+J / Cmd+Shift+JKey Bindings: Expand Selection khổng lồ Indentation is no longer bound by defaultKey Bindings: Ctrl+J / Cmd+J is now used as a prefix for sequential key bindings, similar to Ctrl+K / Cmd+KCode Folding: fixed some edge-case incorrect behaviorsLinux: Added support for alternate font weight namesLinux: Selection is no longer cleared when another application makes a selectionLinux: Added Ctrl+Space to lớn trigger Aulớn CompleteLinux, Windows: Added Alt+Shift+Left Mouse Button as an alternative sầu column selection bindingLinux, Windows: Added Shift+F10 key binding lớn open the context menu

Text Commands

Macros now record Find commandsReworked Jump Baông chồng & Jump Forward commandsImproved behavior of Wrap ParagraphImproved behavior of Swap LinesAdded Revert Diff HunkAdded Selection/Exp& Selection as a general mechanism lớn expand the selectionSelection/Split inkhổng lồ Lines will now split a selection inlớn words if the selection doesn"t contain any newlinesShow a sum in the status bar when there are multiple selections & all of them are numbersset_file_type comm& now accepts "scope:" prefixed syntax namesFixed sort_lines replacing unicode newlines with regular ones


Added auto_complete_include_snippets setting, for disabling tự động complete integrationAdded ignored_snippets setting, for disabling default snippets

Indexing (GoTo Definition)

Files ignored by .gitignore are not indexed by mặc định. Controlled via index_exclude_gitignore settingFiles without known extensions are no longer indexed by default. Controlled via index_skip_unknown_extensions settingImproved behavior with constantly changing filesSignificantly improved load times

Files and Folders

Saving files is now asynchronousImproved performance when adding directories with extreme amounts of filesWhen save_on_focus_lost is enabled, closing an unsaved tệp tin will save & cthua trận it, instead of prompting lớn saveImproved behavior of save_on_focus_lost in conjunction with administrator owned filesAdded reload_file_on_change setting to control if files are automatically reloaded or notfolder_exclude_patterns and folder_include_patterns now support project-relative sầu paths, by starting the path with //Folders in the sidebar can be recursively expanded via alt+arrow keyAdded preview_on_cliông xã setting to lớn tư vấn only previewing files on left clickWindows: Fixed xuất hiện Containing Folder for UNC pathsWindows: Fixed Save dialog not showing for new files with control characters on the first lineWindows: Fixed Ctrl+Backspace inserting a DEL character when a dialog is open in the backgroundLinux: Fix recreated directories not working correctly with tệp tin change monitoringLinux: Recursively expanding và collapsing sidebar folders now works with alternative text or super


Find results are highlighted on the scroll bar, controlled by highlight_find_results_in_scrollbarFind in Selection now highlights the area that will be searchedCommands can now be run without the find panel having input focusFix keypad enter not working in find panelImproved find history behaviorFind: Various performance improvements with large files using graceful degradationFind: Fixed adjacent matches being skipped when find in selection is in useFind: Fixed find in selection option not being cleared when changing tabsFind: Selection will no longer be reset after Find All is used when finding in selectionFind: Results are now properly highlighted on Find All when close_find_after_find_all is turned offFind in Files: Improved performance with large numbers of matchesFind in Files: Can now filter by .gitignoreFind in Files: Added Preserve Case option for replacementsFind in Files: Fix not recursing into lớn directories on networked file systemsFind in Files: Hide rulers by mặc định in find resultsFind in Files: Added Find/Cancel Find in Files menu itemFind in Files: Binary tệp tin patterns are applied when an explicit folder is givenFind in Files: Using "Find in Folder…" from the sidebar context menu will apply project tệp tin filtersFind in Files: Added close_find_after_find_all preferenceFind in Files: Added close_find_after_replace_all preference


Changed mặc định color scheme lớn MarianaAdded Default Dark themeAdded themed_title_bar settingChanged file tab style, adding file_tab_style settingGokhổng lồ Symbol shows more information about symbolsDefinitions hover popup shows more information about symbolsSheets without đầu vào focus are now dimmed when using included themesAdded a New Tab button in the tab bar, và hide_new_tab_button settingAdded show_tab_close_buttons_on_left settingAdded highlight_gutter và highlight_line_number settingsAdded the ability to lớn auto hide the thực đơn, tabs, và status bar when typing. See auto_hide_menu and related settingsWindow title bar can be controlled by show_rel_path and show_project_first settingsTab context menu now includes Cchiến bại Unmodified Files and Close Deleted Files entriesSide bar row highlights now properly reflect the selected tabsMàu sắc Schemes: Added glow font optionColor Schemes: Added support for the underline phông styleColor Schemes: Added new property, inactive_selection_borderColor Schemes: Slightly darkened the background of MarianaColor Schemes: Added support for stippled_underline & squiggly_underlinemàu sắc Schemes: .hidden-tmTheme files are now supported by the .sublime-color-scheme convertorThemes: Included themes use variables extensively, making customization simplerThemes: Added style property for title_bar element, for better integration with OS "dark modes"Themes: The tree_row for the file with đầu vào focus now gets the attribute highlightedThemes: The settings key now supports objects, with keys being settings and values being a boolean, string or array of stringsThemes: Added sheet_contents class lớn text, image and HTML sheetsThemes: Added the background_modifier property for sheet_contentsThemes: Added a number of new attributes lớn tab_control for richer tab themingThemes: The highlighted attribute is only applied khổng lồ the most recently active sheet, rather that the most recently active sầu sheet in each groupThemes: tab_control và sheet_contents classes now synchronize their highlighted & hover attributesThemes: tooltip controls now support animations lớn their opacityLinux: Show sequential key bindings in the menuLinux: Fixed context menu position being slightly offset

Spell Checking

Updated dictionariesAdded tư vấn for non-utf8 dictionariesUpdated Hunspell for improved suggestionsSystem dictionaries are now available on LinuxDictionaries in ~/Library/Spelling are now available on Mac


Properly query glyph extents in order to avoid cutting off large glyphsWindows, Linux: Added tư vấn for per-display subpx orderingMac: Improved window resize performanceWindows: Fixed rendering bug where other applications could cause persistent artifacts via window animationsWindows: Add support for color emoji


Improved coverage of plugin profilingThe cProfile module is now included on LinuxAdded HTML sheets, which can be created via window.new_html_sheet()requảng bá now works as expectedUpdated OpenSSL to 1.1.1j.sublime-commands files now tư vấn filtering commands via the "platform" keyMinihtml now handles list-style-type CSS property - circle, square & discMinihtml now processes subl: liên kết, running them as commandsMinihtml now supports white-space: nowrapImproved minihtml rendering performanceEventListener has many new features and bug fixeson_query_completions() can nowReturn suggestions asynchronouslyReturn commvà completionsInclude symbol kind informationNew: on_init() is called once with các mục of views opened before plugin was loadedNew: on_exit() is called immediately before plugin_host exits, after API is shut downNew: on_text_changed() and on_text_changed_async() provide detailed modification infoNew methods:on_reload()on_revert()on_new_window()on_new_window_async()on_pre_close_window()on_pre_move()on_post_move()on_post_move_async()on_new_project()on_new_project_async()on_load_project()on_load_project_async()on_pre_save_project()on_post_save_project()on_post_save_project_async()on_pre_close_project()on_associate_buffer()Fixed on_selection_modified() to lớn not be called twice when left clickingFixed on_selection_modified() begin called on non-selection state changesNew TextChangeListener for getting callbacks when a text buffer is changedCan be dynamically bound lớn a Buffer using TextChangeListener.attach and TextChangeListener.detachMethods:on_text_changed()on_text_changed_async()on_revert()on_revert_async()on_reload()on_reload_async()Sheet has some new methods:file_name()group()close()is_semi_transient()Sheet.is_transientView has a number of changes and improvementsFixed newly created views not having a valid viewport before being returned to the APIadd_regions() now has an annotations parameter, to allow adding a per-region annotation khổng lồ the buffer. The exec command uses this API for build errorsadd_regions() calls that add an underline now have that underline applied to lớn whitespace charactersshow() now takes keep_to_left and animate parameterstext_point() & related functions now accept a clamp_column parameterAdded "glow" to style_for_scope()Added View.rowcol_utf8(), View.rowcol_utf16(), View.text_point_utf8() và View.text_point_utf16()Added sublime.KEEP_ON_SELECTION_MODIFIED, which can be passed to show_popup()New: element() returns a string describing widget views (find đầu vào, quichồng panel input đầu vào, etc)New: assign_syntax() sets the syntax used in a view, supports Syntax objects, paths và scope selectorsNew: syntax() returns the currently phối SyntaxNew: clones()New: sheet() and sheet_id()New: export_to_html()Window has some changes and improvements:show_quick_panel now accepts placeholder text, via the placeholder argumentAdded sublime.CLEAR_TO_RIGHT & sublime.SEMI_TRANSIENT for use with open_file()Added the flag sublime.REPLACE_MRU for use with open_file(). When multiple sheets are selected, this flag will cause the opened file to lớn replace the most recently used sheet with the file being openedAdded the flag sublime.WANT_EVENT for use with show_quick_panel(). This will pass an event dict to lớn the on_select callback. The dict will contain the key modifier_keys, which will be a dict that may contain zero or more of the keys: primary, ctrl, super, alt, altgropen_file now accepts sublime.ADD_TO_SELECTION as a flagNew: selected_sheets(), selected_sheets_in_group() và select_sheets()New: workspace_file_name()New: bring_to_front()sublime.ok_cancel_dialog() and sublime.yes_no_cancel_dialog() now accept an optional title parameterAdded sublime.open_dialog, sublime.save_dialog & sublime.select_folder_dialogSyntax definitions can be queried via sublime.list_syntaxes(), sublime.find_syntax(), sublime.syntax_from_path(), sublime.find_syntax_by_name(), sublime.find_syntax_by_scope(), và sublime.find_syntax_for_file(). They return Syntax objectsImproved sys.stdout khổng lồ extend io.TextIOBasesublime.executable_path(), sublime.packages_path(), sublime.installed_packages_path() and sublime.cache_path() may now be called at import timeAdded sublime.SymbolRegion and sublime.SymbolLocation with corresponding methods on View & WindowFix a bug with popup being stuchồng open when a popup is shown in the hide event handler of another popupAdded open_project_or_workspace commandappover comm& has new, optional disable_tab_translation argumentAdded modifier_keys to lớn sự kiện dicts when commands are invoked via a menuAdded sublime.DYNAMIC_COMPLETIONS. on_query_completions() can return this flag lớn indicate that completion results should be re-queried as the user typesAdded sublime.INHIBIT_REORDER. Returned by on_query_competions()CompletionItem now accepts a details parameter, which can include basic HTMLCommandInputHandler now has an initial_selection() methodAdded Region.to_tuple và Phantom.to_tupleFixed ViewEventListener.on_load_async() sometimes not being calledAdded sublime.QuickPanelItem() with support for kind info, annotations and basic minihtmlPlugins may now add selections lớn the Jump Baông xã history danh sách via the add_jump_record commandPlugins may suppress selections from the Jump Baông chồng history menu via the jump_ignore_selection regionPlugins may now disable the mặc định HTML & CSS completionsAdded & Buffer.file_name()The TextInputHandler and ListInputHandler classes may define a method want_event() that returns True to receive sầu an extra parameter, an event dict, when the validate() & confirm() methods are called. The dict will contain the key modifier_keys, which will be a dict that may contain zero or more of the keys: primary, ctrl, super, alternative text, altgrAdd sublime.ui_info() for high-màn chơi information about the UIPopups will be properly positioned when displayed near the right-hand side of the editorPopups near the right-hand side of the editor with wrapped lines will now be properly sizedAdded ListInputItem so that ListInputHandler objects can provide kind info, annotations & detailsImprovements lớn the API, applied to lớn the new Pyhạn hẹp 3.8 environment only:bool(sublime.Selection()) will return False when len() == 0sublime.load_binary_resource() now returns bytes instead of bytearrayAdded Selection.__iter__()Added Region.__iter__()Added Region.__contains__()Added Settings.to_dict()Settings can now be treated like a dictPlugins starting with _ will be ignored, __all__ global will be respectedEvents won"t be reported until plugin_loaded() has been called.pyc files can now be imported when contained within .sublime-package files, although they will not be scanned for pluginsThe certifi Pybé package is preinstalledSignificant performance improvements when rapidly printing khổng lồ the ConsoleAdded sublime.log_control_tree(). When enabled, clicking with ctrl+alternative text will log the control tree under the mouse to lớn the consoleAdded sublime.log_fps(). When enabled, the render times are tracked and loggedAdded logging status functions:sublime.get_log_commands()sublime.get_log_input()sublime.get_log_build_systems()sublime.get_log_result_regex()sublime.get_log_indexing()sublime.get_log_fps()sublime.get_log_control_tree()Logging functions are now toggle when no argument is passed:sublime.log_commands()sublime.log_input()sublime.log_build_systems()sublime.log_result_regex()sublime.log_indexing()sublime.log_fps()sublime.log_control_tree()Backwards Compatibility Break: The event parameter passed khổng lồ commands when a minihtml link is clicked changed from a two-element danh sách lớn a dict with the keys x và y
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