This week, Alexa got famous for và automatically sending it lớn a random liên hệ of the owner. That's something HomePod doesn't vày, not because Apple doesn't know how, but because Apple chose not khổng lồ rush lớn make it possible to lớn vày things that might not be a good idea in the long run. The people who celebrate Yes vs the company that says No The same restraint Apple exercises in khổng lồ product ideas is also used lớn cautiously hold up the deployment of features while spending time thinking about the potential of unintended consequences.

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This is not appreciated by most members of the tech truyền thông, who are paid to lớn create nội dung that celebrates what's new. They hate it when Apple says No lớn anything. This was true in the days before the App Store, when Steve sầu Jobs got flaông xã for explaining that Apple was thinking carefully about the pros and cons of running third-tiệc ngọt software on an always-connected điện thoại device full of personal information.

Apple was also cynically criticized for not allowing the 'side-loading' of apps from other sources. Google was cheered for allowing this until it was recognized khổng lồ be an extremely bad idea that resulted in serious problems. Apple's pattern of authentic ethics--doing the right thing for its customers, rather than treating them as a hàng hóa to lớn sell to lớn advertisers--has attracted the most valuable demographic of hardware consumers in the history of giải pháp công nghệ Apple was also cautious about restricting third parties lớn access users' location data, contacts and calendar và it pioneered efforts lớn blochồng iOS device ad tracking by web-style cookies. It built device encryption into lớn iPhones years before Google even attempted it. IMessage và FaceTime deployed end-to-kết thúc encryption before anyone knew they needed it. When it created ApplePay, it kept users' transactions private rather than recording it all for its own future analytics.


Advertisers hated Apple's dominance in hardware because these restrictions affect their ability to lớn manipulate users. Many third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ developers have sầu also railed against Apple's restrictive Nos. But for Apple, saying no wasn't a show or a series of irrational rulemaking. It was authentic, ethical concern for the users of its products. Over the past decade, Apple's pattern of authentic ethics--doing the right thing for its customers, rather than treating them as a hàng hóa khổng lồ sell khổng lồ advertisers--has attracted the most valuable demographic of hardware consumers in the history of giải pháp công nghệ.

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Why HomePod doesn't record your conversation & skết thúc it to lớn a liên hệ It's pretty dumb khổng lồ think that Apple simply couldn't figure out how lớn make HomePod work as a speakerphone. Siri on iPhone has had the ability lớn make hands free speakerphone calls since iOS 8.3 in năm ngoái, và this has also been a key hands không tính tiền feature of CarPlay. But when putting Siri in a new HomePod size factor, Apple spent an unusual amount of time considering the potential consequences of the new thiết kế. In developing HomePod, Apple wasn't just racing out a feature mix that Amazon và Google. Instead, it was developing HomePod's at its own pace, throttled by authentic ethical contemplation--a regulator that Appel's rivals rarely seem to consult. Apple focused on specific things HomePod could do, rather than making it a wide open platsize for third buổi tiệc ngọt experimention in your trang chính Apple has time khổng lồ make such methodical decisions about ethical issues because it's not racing to catch up in the Smartphone world. Apple owns virtually all premium phone sales, dominates tablets, sells the most premium notebooks and makes the most watches of any vendor globally--including virtually all of those used with a voice assistant.


Despite the desperate truyền thông media narrative that presents Apple as lagging behind in the largely worthless 'trang chủ surveillance & voice shopping' market (a tiny sliver of the products Siri touches, & by far the least valuable sub-segment of voice-assistant hardware), Apple is actually the largest vendor of voice assistant devices by units, by dollars & by region và language. Apple's Siri is vastly larger than Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

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