If you pay attention, on the electrical equipment that you buy, such as meters, ammeter devices, ... you will see the display on the device. RMS (Root Mean Square). So Root Mean Square what? Related concepts RMS What"s included? How khổng lồ calculate RMS? The following article will provide all the information you need.

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RMS - What is Root Mean Square?

RMS with full English name is Root Mean SquareIt is understood as r.m.s.It is a concept used in metrology và electrical engineering jobs.

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Or more simply, the rms value of the RMS can be understood as the mean squared value of the alternating current. When passing through the same fixed resistor this r.m.s.value is equal to lớn the value of a direct current producing the same calorific value.

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Root mean square - root mean square

True-RMS measurement place - Root Mean Square

Currently, the circuits have sầu a lot of non-sinusoidal waves, so to lớn measure the parameters, it is necessary to lớn have meters with True-RMS function. Such as:

Variable speed drivesElectronic ballastsComputerSolid state environment

In these environments, currents in the circuit occur in short and distorted pulses rather than in standard sinusoidal waveforms. The waveform affects the current reading, the accuracy of the measured electrical values.

In addition, a machine using the True-RMS function would be the best choice when measuring currents with indeterminate AC characteristics.


The above article is information that Ocean Corp has shared with you about the definition root mean square what, as well as the concepts related lớn True-RMS, and how to calculate RMS parameters in the cases. Hope to lớn help you understand the characteristics of RMS. If you have questions và are interested in this matter, immediately liên hệ Dai Duong Corp for the best consultation support

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