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Moreover, the rebuttal excuses often provided by the blackballed candidates made voters even more cynical about the politicians and the political process in general.
Some unscrupulous litigation masters bribed the clerks in charge khổng lồ tamper with submitted accusations, rebuttals và evidence, or worse still, lớn rewrite case records.
Enormous importance was attached to the accusations submitted by plaintiffs, the rebuttals to lớn the accusations by defendants, & the written evidence that supported the arguments.
The author presents a series of thoroughly-argued proposals và rebuttals for retention & destruction.
Natural theology can play a role, however, by offering rebuttals when the message is challenged by contrary evidence.
The rebuttal is more clearly regarded lớn be a dialectical component & is therefore omitted from this essentially non-dialectical frame.
There is no general rebuttal here of the mechanisms that are currently available for the purposes of truth recovery.
These sobering reflections are a significant rebuttal to lớn the palaver of political scientists who are obsessed with regional hegemony.
The public debates và rebuttals engendered by this criticism played an important part in disseminating information about the operation.
The denial that fetuses are persons, even though broadly supported, is still subject to lớn cogent rebuttal.
These few issued a rebuttal against all the accolades showered on the late leader & the " national-state burial " accorded hyên ổn.
Each of these objections, rebuttals, rejoinders and surrejoinders is in itself admirable, và does infinite credit to the acuteness & candour of the author.

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Scriveners were commissioned by the authorities to lớn examine legal documents, and were licensed to write legal documents such as plaints and rebuttals.
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