*ngoại động từ
 nhân giống (cây, động vật...)
 phổ biến rộng rãi, truyền bá (quan điểm, tín ngưỡng..)
 to propagate news
 lan truyền tin tức, loan tin
 (vật lý) truyền (âm thanh, ánh sáng...)
 to propagate heast
 truyền nhiệt
 truyền (bệnh...)
 propagate vibrations through rock
 truyền những chấn động qua vách đá
*nội động từ
 sinh sản, tự sinh sôi nảy nở (cây)
 plants propagate rapidly
 cây sinh sôi nảy nở nhanh
propagate▸ verb1an easy plant to propagate: BREED, grow, cultivate.

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Bạn đang xem: Propagate là gì

2these shrubs propagate easily: REPRODUCE, multiply, proliferate, increase, spread, self-seed, self-sow.3they propagated socialist ideas: SPREAD, disseminate, communicate, make known, promulgate, circulate, broadcast, publicize, proclaim, preach, promote; poetic/literary bruit abroad.* ngoại động từ - truyền giống, nhân giống (cây, thú...); truyền (bệnh...) - truyền lại (đức tính... từ thế hệ này sang thế hệ khác) - truyền bá, lan truyền to propagate news ~ lan truyền tin tức loan tin - (vật lý) truyền (âm thanh, ánh sáng...) to propagate heast ~ truyền nhiệt* nội động từ - sinh sản, sinh sôi nảy nở rabbits propagate rapidly ~ thỏ sinh sôi nảy nở nhanhpropagate■ verb 1》 breed by natural processes from the parent stock. ⁃ cause to increase in number or amount. 2》 promote (an idea, knowledge, etc.) widely. 3》 transmit or be transmitted in a particular direction. Derivativespropagationnoun propagativeadjective OriginME: from L. propagat-, propagare "multiply from layers or shoots"; related to propago "young shoot" (from a base meaning "fix"). verb1. transmit from one generation to the next- propagate these characteristics• Derivationally related forms: propagation • Hypernyms: pass on• Verb Frames:- Somebody ----s something- Somebody ----s something to somebody2. travel through the air- sound and light propagate in this medium• Derivationally related forms: propagation • Hypernyms: travel , go , move , locomote• Verb Frames:- Something ----s3.

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transmit- propagate sound or light through air• Derivationally related forms: propagation • Hypernyms: transmit , transfer , transport , channel , channelize , channelise• Verb Frames:- Something ----s something4. become distributed or widespread- the infection spread- Optimism spread among the population • Syn: spread• Derivationally related forms: spread (for: spread ) Hypernyms: move Hyponyms: catch• Verb Frames:- Something ----s5. transmit or cause to broaden or spread- This great civilization was propagated throughout the land• Derivationally related forms: propagation • Hypernyms: spread , distribute• Verb Frames:- Somebody ----s something- Something ----s something6. cause to become widely known- spread information- circulate a rumor- broadcast the news • Syn:circulate , circularize , circularise , distribute , disseminate , broadcast , spread , diffuse , disperse , pass around• Derivationally related forms:dispersive (for: disperse ), dispersion (for: disperse ), dispersal (for: disperse ), diffusive (for: diffuse ), diffusion (for: diffuse ), spread (for: spread ), spreading (for: spread ), broadcast (for: broadcast ), propagation , propagator , disseminative (for: disseminate ), dissemination (for: disseminate ), disseminator (for: disseminate ), circular (for: circularise ), circulation (for: circulate ) Hypernyms: publicize , publicise , air , bare Hyponyms:podcast , sow , popularize , popularise , vulgarize , vulgarise , generalize , generalise , carry , run• Verb Group: go around , spread , circulate • Cause: go around , spread , circulate• Verb Frames:- Somebody ----s something7. cause to propagate, as by grafting or layering• Derivationally related forms: propagative , propagation , propagator• Topics: plant , flora , plant life • Hypernyms: process , treat Hyponyms: inoculate• Verb Frames:- Somebody ----s something8. multiply sexually or asexually• Derivationally related forms: propagative , propagation• Topics: biology , biological science • Hypernyms: reproduce , procreate , multiply Hyponyms: vegetate• Verb Frames:- Something ----s
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