an introduction at the beginning of a book explaining its purpose, thanking people who helped the author, etc.:

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something that comes before and introduces a more important thing, esp. an introduction at the beginning of a book that explains its aims:
A lengthy contextual statement introduces each section, with individual documents being prefaced by a brief, though insightful, narrative.
Each section is prefaced by a brief introduction providing the theoretical background informing the choice of texts.
Here, phrases built from precipitous eight-note f igures alternate with melodic dyads (displaced as ninths or sevenths) prefacing abrasive chords.
The prefaces also construct the authority of the translation by commenting upon the work of translation.
All these prefaces comment upon the work of translation itself, reassuring the reader that the translator knows his art and that his motives are sound.
In this way, participants can maximally load a turn to include prefaces, mitigations, and accounts prior to the declination component, thereby heightening its projectability.
Answers to why-type questions may be prefaced by because, which identifies what follows as an explanation fitted to the question.
The has lists of rhyming slang and of backslang, both prefaced by a brief history and discussion.
The individual months are prefaced with a small amount of poetic and astronomical material, as is the calendar as a whole.

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a town or city that tries to encourage a good environment, for example by providing a lot of parks and using food that is grown in the local area

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