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New Hampshire ranks second per capita in the percentage of National Guard members who served in Iraq.
used khổng lồ refer to the amount of income earned, money spent, goods produced, etc. by or for each person:
For industrial wastewater, we observe a strong negative sầu relationship between pollution & per capita income.
Given a prior definition of sustainability, that of non-declining per capita human well-being, two main theories have sầu been proposed.
In general, per capita recruitment dropped precipitously through 2002 và was not compensated for by other demographic mechanisms, such as increased survival.
Without adding state-màn chơi fixed effects, there is a clear negative relationship between annual per capita income & annual per capita air toxic emissions.
An interesting question is how the inclusion of corruption affects the per capita income levels at which pollution levels attain their maximum.
The only variables not associated with environmental performance in the multivariate models are per capita economic growth và nuclear power.
These works regress a variety of measures of environmental unique against per capita income using time-series data, & find statistically significant relationships for many variables.
And, even 50 years later, economic growth, or increases in per capita income remain the most important measure of development.

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