not saying or doing anything that would encourage or help any of the groups involved in an argument or war:
I"d rather meet on neutral ground/territory (= somewhere not controlled by or connected to either of us) rather than in his apartment.

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A neutral ground or field is a sports stadium that does not belong lớn either of the two teams taking part in a competition or game:

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Atoms consist of positively-charged protons, negatively-charged electrons và neutral particles called neutrons.
In the face of war the governments of the northern neutrals deemed it necessary to lớn buttress their own military defences.
One of the most critical issues for these sources is charge exchange in the extraction gap from neutrals leaking from the plasma chamber.
Here is the collision frequency for each charged species, which we assume to be due primarily to collisions with neutrals.
We consider a weakly ionized dusty plasma composed of electrons, singly charged ions, negatively charged dust grains & neutrals.
The obstructed discharge in low operating gas pressure produces a monochromatic beam owing to lớn little interactions of electrons with neutrals.
One now needs khổng lồ add the repulsive sầu force related khổng lồ the momentum taken by the neutrals leaving the dust particle lớn the attractive sầu force.
The inertia forces of the ions are assumed to be small in comparison with that of the dust grains & neutrals.
Electrons are generated by ionization of neutrals and emission at the cathode, & depleted by electron attachment of gas molecules.
The plasma is generated by electron impact ionization, where high-energy electrons collide with & ionize neutrals, creating secondary electrons and ions.
The technique is simple to describe, easy to lớn implement, works for both neutrals and ions, and has a number of advantages over other methods.





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