Nero 2015Platinum:allows you to manage, create, convert, play & burn your movies, music & photos for the best entertainment experienceat homevà on the go.The complete360-degree experience offers easy-to-advanced đoạn phim editing, innovative sầu Clip file conversion technology for viewing movies on any device, plus burning & backup khổng lồ support your complete digital life style. Nero 2015 allows you effortlessly và seamlessly to convert music và videos to virtually any format lớn enjoy on your PC, Android and more. Everything you ever wanted lớn bởi with your truyền thông, from organizing lớn watching, khổng lồ doing more with apps, is possible from one place. Movies và photo slide-shows will look their best with chất lượng tools to lớn help you edit và create show-stopping projects with ease.

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Stream videos khổng lồ any iOS & Android deviceNero AirBurn: Burn files straight from your Android & iOS deviceBrowse và tag photos và videos with places (“Geotags”)New Nero Launcher with instant access to the entire suiteChange the video-disc format on-the-fly when authoringHollywood-grade phông styles và motion text effects for videosInstant access khổng lồ your Nero cloud – Five sầu newsản phẩm điện thoại appsto lớn help you learn và master Nero 2015Stream khổng lồ any TV or truyền thông media player with auto-transcodingEven faster Clip converting and burning

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