The lizards were examined for a number of morphological characteristics such as body toàn thân proportions and colour.

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Nâng cao vốn từ bỏ vựng của người tiêu dùng cùng với English Vocabulary in Use trường đoản cúọc những trường đoản cú bạn phải giao tiếp một giải pháp lạc quan.

Yet the criss-crossing of isoglosses shows that it also holds for phonetic or morphological features.
Thus, it cannot classify any uniquely human trait (morphological, psychological, or behavioral) as an adaptation.
These studies examined the roles of phonological, morphological, và orthographic features of nouns in gender classification.
The overall conclusion is then that from both the phonological và morphological perspective, adjectives behave very much like nouns but unlượt thích verbs.
This category is typically expressed by verbs, but can also be expressed by words of other morphological và syntactic categories.
The taxonomy of this genus based on classical morphological characters is still unclear and misidentifications are reported.
For all the remaining utterances, three levels of coding were performed : lexical, morphological & pragmatic.
The most obvious and effective approach is simply to look up pronunciations of input đầu vào words-or, perhaps, morphemes after morphological decomposition-in a

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This application gives rise lớn a number of practical morphological và orthographic issues which we also discuss.
This construction gives rise to an environment in which the supposedly resumptive strategy is possible even in the absence of the requisite overt morphological agreement.
The oral morphological aspect of our study focuses on two nominal constructions that undergo linear suffixation with và without stem change.
Chapters 2-3 survey definitions of productivity and methods of measuring productivity of morphological processes.




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