used lớn refer to lớn education for children who can be taught in the same way as most other children, or to lớn people, schools, etc. connected with this type of education:
Many youngsters have been out of mainstream education for so long that they cannot adapt khổng lồ a formal learning environment.

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Mainstreaming echất lượng means that equality should not be catered for only by specific programmes or initiatives.

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lớn teach children with special needs in the same class or school as children who do not have sầu special needs:
(of beliefs or behavior) common & shared by most people, or representing such beliefs or behavior:
mainstream organizations, ideas, etc. are those that are considered normal, & accepted or used by most people:
mainstream culture/politics/society Cell phones have been a part of mainstream culture since the 1990s.
mainstream education/school It should be possible to lớn include children with behavioural problems within mainstream education.
cultural/political mainstream Our nation"s political mainstream will never allow such a constitutional change.
khổng lồ include people who have sầu particular difficulties or needs in the same schools or places of work as everyone else:
Mainstreaming is not an alternative khổng lồ positive action: given that we are far from genuine application of equal opportunities, both must be taken forward.
Developing more cohesive communities depends on mainstreaming community cohesion in all policies và programmes.
Figures are not available prior to 2002–03 when the majority of drug treatment was funded through mainstreamed health monies.
Mainstreaming human rights in its external policies and respect for the rule of law are the cornerstones in any relations with third countries.
Secondly, alongside mainstreaming we also want to lớn see accompanying measures specifically designed to lớn eliminate inechất lượng.
Mainstreaming culture can lead khổng lồ mutual understanding, peaceful cooperation và stability, as well as lớn economic benefits.
The over-prescriptive sầu references khổng lồ "gender mainstreaming", "gender-based budgeting" and the Gọi for rigid enforcement of quota systems are examples of this.
Mainstreaming matters that come under the first pillar with those regarded as coming under the third pillar is proving a source of constant difficulties.
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