Flare has become a huge part of modern photography for how it can add both depth and excitement to lớn an image. Many of us have sầu resorted to manually creating lighting effects using Photosiêu thị or by layering pre-made textures above our photos. Red Giant, however, looks to replace và augment this rather tedious process with Knoll Light Factory.

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To create the Knoll Light Factory ứng dụng, Red Giant worked very closely with John Knoll, chief creative officer at Industrial Light And Magic. Knoll has a bucket danh mục worth of awards attached khổng lồ his name for his visual effects work on projects such as "Avatar," "Pirates of the Caribbean," & "Star Wars." Knoll is, undisputedly, one of the world’s top experts on visual effects.

Note: The Knoll Light Factory plugin is designed to be used in Photoshop, After Effects, và Premiere. This đánh giá, however, will focus on using Knoll Light Factory in your photographic workflow.

What Makes Knoll Light Factory Special

Unlượt thích the aforementioned traditional methods of creating flare, Knoll Light Factory creates lighting effects rendered specifically for the image you are creating. This allows you lớn take advantage of tinting & obscuration (detailed below), as well as ensuring that each effect is chất lượng and not just a clone of the lighting effects that every other user who bought the software created (such as with a plugin that uses texture-based lighting effects).


How To Create A Lighting Effect

The core concept of effect creation lies in layering what the plugin calls “Elements of Light.” Knoll Light Factory has 19 different element types ranging from simple glowing spheres to lớn complex fans. These elements can then be layered with one another khổng lồ create a near-infinite range of possible lighting effects.

For those who don’t want to spover a ton of time creating their own lighting effects though, Knoll Light Factory comes with 80 pre-made lighting effects that cover a huge range of possibilities without ever having lớn invest more than a few seconds.

The nguồn Of Tinting

One of Knoll Light Factory’s most powerful features is the ability lớn define a “tint layer.” Once you have selected a tint layer (usually a flattened layer of the image you are adding the lighting effect to), Knoll Light Factory uses the colors of the layer to render your lighting effect by analyzing the color tones directly around the lighting effect và rendering as if those colors were actually emitting light.

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In this image the only change that was made was the position of the flare.

Obscuration Layers

One of the other useful features of Knoll Light Factory is its ability lớn render lighting effects while taking into lớn account objects that might exist between the light source và the camera which blocks part of the light. Using an obscuration layer you can alter the flow of light as if it is bending around or being blocked by other objects in the frame.

What I Liked

Exceptional image chất lượng even at extremely high resolution.Near infinite configurability.Loads of presets.Excellent advanced features such as tint and obscuration layers.The ability lớn non-destructively create lighting effects as “smart filters.”Easy lớn learn.

What Could Be Improved

Somewhat expensive sầu for a plugin ($189).Interface can be a bit clunky.Would love to see the ability lớn handle multiple lighting effects from different origins in one render (for example, two spotlights pointing at each other).Adding the functionality lớn render lighting effects onto a transparent layer.

You can download a trial copy of Knoll Light Factory or buy the full version from B&H Photo for $189, or as part of the Red Giant Effect Suite for $474.

Note: The majority of the effects suite is designed for video only & does not support images in Photoshop.

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