According to the cloud-based Security Network, about 200,000 new malware samples emerge every day, compared to lớn 125,000 just a year ago. The price of poor-chất lượng protection against cyber threats

August 27, 2013

According lớn the cloud-based Security Network, about 200,000 new malware samples emerge every day, compared lớn 125,000 just a year ago. The price of poor-unique protection against cyber threats is not merely a daily bombardment of spam emails, or sluggish performance from a virus-ridden PC – the costs hit regular users squarely in their wallets. Criminals attempt to steal online banking credentials & other critical financial details, và 62% of Internet users experienced at least one attack related to online banking, shopping, or payment services during the last 12 months. In the fight against modern cybercrime, security solutions face a clearly-defined challenge: prevent these financial losses.

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To help protect users against the threats that exist và to help keep financial data safe, Lab has released its new 2014 versions of Anti-Virus & Internet Security. The two new products include enhancements khổng lồ existing protection technologies, like Safe Money technology, and a host of br& new features, lượt thích Trusted Applications mode, lớn ensure the highest levels of security for users’ PCs & digital valuables. Anti-Virus năm trước and Internet Security năm trước have been optimized lớn ensure minimal consumption of PC resources.

What’s new?

Several innovative antivi khuẩn technologies have been added khổng lồ Anti-Virus năm trước & Internet Security năm trước, which significantly improve sầu user protection. Both products now include Lab’s proprietary ZETA Shield antivirus technology, which performs an in-depth scan of data files (think PDF documents or XLS spreadsheets) to lớn identify exploits & malware that may hide deep inside.

New versions of Anti-Virus và Internet Security improve sầu your financial protection và family online safety. Lab offers further protection from emerging threats through its improved Automatic Exploit Prevention technology, which scans legitimate programs for behavior typically found in exploits – a type of malware that infects the PC through vulnerabilities in installed software. Automatic Exploit Prevention closely monitors programs that are most frequently targeted by cybercriminals – such as Java & Adobe Reader – khổng lồ block cybercriminals from using unknown gaps in legitimate software to penetrate a computer’s defenses.

However, threats don’t have lớn be new or sophisticated lớn pose a risk. Familiar threats lượt thích Trojan ransomware can bloông xã access to computers and dem& payments khổng lồ “unblock” victims’ machines, sometimes even when an antivirut solution is installed on the system. In many cases, users ignore the security warnings of their security programs and willfully install a program that imitates a legitimate music tệp tin, document, or other legitimate program, only to lớn realize too late that the program was in fact malicious.

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Now, thanks to the new protection against screen lockers công nghệ implemented in Anti-Virus năm trước và Internet Security năm trước, ransomware is no longer a threat. If users of the new Lab solutions face a dem& for payment lớn unbloông xã their computer, they only have to lớn press one simple key combination & the giải pháp công nghệ will find và remove sầu the malware completely.

Extended protection with Internet Security 2014

Phishing attacks & Trojan programs designed khổng lồ steal credentials for online banking systems are also amuốn the most popular malicious tools. Lab’s Safe Money giải pháp công nghệ – first introduced in the previous version of Internet Security – has already proved khổng lồ be an extremely reliable additional layer of protection for online financial operations. The technology has been improved in Internet Security 2014, including tư vấn for more Web browsers, & a significantly expanded list of trusted online banking sites, payment services and online stores.

Another major innovation in Internet Security năm trước is the chất lượng Trusted Applications mode. This protects the computer by only allowing the launch of applications that are identified as safe lớn use. Thanks to lớn the multi-cấp độ system which checks the legitimacy of programs và an intelligent system that can adapt lớn a particular user, this mode is capable of providing a very high màn chơi of security. The Trusted Applications feature is based on the extensive sầu and constantly updated Lab’s database of legitimate applications. The database contains over 700 million quality entries with thorough descriptions of all popular applications including operating systems, browsers, image viewers, Clip players, games, & more.

For users with children, Internet Security 2014 offers improved Parental Control capabilities, which provide flexible controls over all possible scenartiện ích ios in which a child might use the computer. This mode includes a set of mặc định profiles that contain computer-use scenarios appropriate for different age groups, while still giving parents the freedom khổng lồ modify these settings at their discretion. Parental Control allows parents khổng lồ determine when và how long children can use the computer, which applications can or cannot be launched, and what information – such as credit thẻ numbers and home page addresses – should be blocked from being shared on social networks. Internet Security 2014 is available both as a standalone product và as part of Internet Security – Multi-Device, a security solution that will soon be launched to give sầu users an easy way lớn secure their Internet activity on multiple computers and mobile devices, with just a single purchase of a single license. Internet Security & Anti-Virus are available for purchase now on Lab’s online store. Current customers may upgrade không lấy phí of charge from previous versions to the new products for the remainder of their existing license period.

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