tekkenbasara.mobi has more than 43,000 karaoke songs, available instantly và right from your computer!

Dual Screen Display

Turn on Dual Display to show lyrics on the TV or projector that"s connected khổng lồ your computer.

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Save sầu to favorites

From the sidebar, access your tuy vậy queue và easily find your favorites, saved offline songs và history as well as all of tekkenbasara.mobi music genres.

43,000 studio-chất lượng songs

tekkenbasara.mobi gives you more than 43,000 high-quality karaoke songs recorded in professional studtiện ích ios. Your device instantly becomes the perfect karaoke machine!

Dual screen display

A single cliông chồng activates Dual Display, an additional karaoke window that you can move lớn your external monitor or video-projector.

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Offline sync

Hosting a karaoke các buổi party in the boondocks? tekkenbasara.mobi"s got you covered even when there"s no internet. Sync your favorite songs offline and keep the buổi tiệc nhỏ going!

Custom key & tempo

Customize the key and tempo of any tuy vậy in our catalog or add lead and background vocals. As Frankie said, "I quý phái it my way!"

Save to favorites

You’ve sầu just sung a whole bunch of great songs, but you need a way lớn find them easily for your next karaoke session. Simply add them to your favorites: keep all the songs you love sầu in one convenient location.


tekkenbasara.mobi can play many karaoke files, whether you"re using the songs included karaoke subscription or your own CD+G, MPEG, KAR or MID khổng lồ name a few!

'tis the season... of singing! tekkenbasara.mobi Player has been improved, & should take all the pesky bugs for a Sleigh ride.

Gimme a K. Gimme a A... This time for good, missing offline files are baông chồng in the field. Ready. Steady. Sing!

Here comes the sun (said George)! Here comes tekkenbasara.mobi Player fit & tanned for the summer (could've said George). After a few weeks in the work, our most popular app has put on the swimsuit for some serious Binge Singing by the pool!=== NEW FEATURES ===• Long Live the Remote, allowing you and your guests to lớn skết thúc their karaoke requests without moving from the barbecue (or the pool, if you're lucky)!=== IMPROVEMENTS ===• Performance improvements (it's a large family, & we can't introduce all the members here).• Improved position of the biểu tượng logo onscreen.• Now displays the total length of local files if available.• Standby screen now shows up on Community uploaded CDG files.=== BUGFIX ===• Offline Sync should now be more resilient and stable (aka. your offline files are not going on impromptu holidays anymore).Happy Sunny Summer!

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