InDesign CS6 Portable is a software for designing pages và layouts, both for printing và digital purposes. Some people mistakenly believe sầu that it has been developed by Adobe. However, Adobe has nothing khổng lồ vị with this Portable version.quý khách đã xem: Adobe inkiến thiết cs6 portable 2021 không tính tiền download

So, what exactly is InDesign CS6 Portable? Why should you opt for a licensed program instead? Go on reading & find out.

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What Is InDesign CS6 Portable?

Adobe InDesign CS6 Portable isn’t a licensed version of the program. It was hacked by pirates và released in không lấy phí access for everyone.

We all want lớn save sầu money on buying expensive software & even get it for free, if possible. Running a portable version is real simple. But are you sure that you aren’t going to regret after you download Adobe InDesign Portable CS6? This program implicates constant crashes, slow performance, an abundance of malware và viruses.


InDesign CS6 Portable or License Version?


Since InDesign CS6 Portable is a hacked version of the program, it can’t be fully relied on. Users tover to encounter plenty of problems when they decide khổng lồ download and run it. Discover the main drawbacks of using a portable version and reasons why you should stichồng khổng lồ the licensed InDesign.

InDesign CS6 Portable Disadvantages:

Frequent accidents

Working in the portable version, be ready for it khổng lồ crash out of nowhere & not save sầu your progress. Besides, the use of Adobe InDesign CS6 Portable may slow down the operation of the computer. One more drawbachồng is the inability khổng lồ integrate with other software.


The chances that the portable version of InDesign CS6 contains viruses are rather high. Due lớn this, the program may crash right in the middle of the working process. Aside from affecting the computer, viruses & malware can ruin the entire system beyond retrieve sầu.

No updates

InDesign latest version is regularly released by developers, with all the updates, enhanced functions & the appearance of new features, for instance, interactive online docs & variable tones. The portable version isn’t eligible for updates.

InDesign License Advantages:


When developing their programs, Adobe aspires khổng lồ provide convenience and ease of use for each và every one. As for pirates, they don’t care about the users và the problems the hacked programs cause. Pirates may alter the source code of the software, thus getting rid of the necessary elements. That’s why I highly recommover you to lớn opt for an official hàng hóa instead. As a result, productive sầu và reliable work with documents and pages will be guaranteed.

Constant updates Support

On the contrary with InDesign CS6 Portable, owners of the official version can approach customer tư vấn at any moment in case they run inlớn technical issues. The customer tư vấn will help you solve sầu them và answer all of the questions.

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Which Version of InDesign Should I Use?

Now you may be wondering how và where lớn download InDesign CS6 in a legal way. The best option is khổng lồ piông xã one of the plans presented by Adobe that features InDesign và other software for text processing.

1. One App Plan



The plan presents full-fledged software khổng lồ be used on PCs và Mobile devices, meant for dealing with text, as well as website & graphic thiết kế, editing photos and videos. So, apart from InDesign, the subscribers khổng lồ this plan will receive sầu over đôi mươi Adobe programs, lượt thích After Effects, Photoshop & more, along with 100 GB of cloud storage, Adobe Portfolio, Fonts và Spark. The cloud storage may be increased up khổng lồ 10TB. The plan provides users with the opportunity lớn take advantage of all the recent updates & novelties.

InDesign CS6 Portable Alternatives

Have sầu you been convinced not to lớn use InDesign CS6 Portable but buying a licensed version isn’t an option either? Then pay attention to one of the không tính phí alternatives presented below. Their functions và feature-phối will be enough to lớn fully replace InDesign.

1. Canva


Canva is mainly aimed at graphic thiết kế manipulations. One of its svào points is an extensive sầu selection of in-built filters that will add a unique look lớn the text within one cliông xã. This Adobe InDesign không lấy phí alternative makes it possible khổng lồ adjust contrast, saturation, sharpness, brightness and other parameters. The interface is rather straightforward, so novice users won’t have a hard time figuring it out. Canva enables users khổng lồ create such complicated graphic objects as flyers và posters. It will easily replace similar desktop publishing software.

2. Scribus


Scribus is a decent miễn phí InDesign alternative that is being regularly updated and enhanced. Currently, it is equally fitting for novice and experienced users. As for the feature-phối, it is possible to lớn create small scripts or a desktop publishing document, work with color schemes và more.

The program’s interface is quite user-friendly. Anyone can customize the display và toolbar settings for a more convenient working process.

The capabilities of Scribus remind me of those offered by paid advanced programs. Moreover, Scribus enables users khổng lồ add templates to various types of collapse. This feature is absent in InDesign.

3. Lucidpress


Wish to enhance the design of the prints or text? Then try these free fonts khổng lồ achieve sầu an eye-catching & memorable effect.

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