tekkenbasara.mobi InDesign CC includes new features và enhancements lớn make your kiến thiết & desktop publishing experiences better than ever. New features include Creative sầu Cloud Libraries, a Welcome screen, improved tekkenbasara.mobi màu sắc integration, the Màu sắc theme tool, new interactivity for fixed layout EPUB, & EPUB interactivity pĐánh Giá.

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Continue reading for a quick introduction to lớn the new features available with the lachạy thử update to tekkenbasara.mobi InDesign as well as liên kết lớn resources for additional information.

The February release of tekkenbasara.mobi InDesign CC includes new features such as Creative Cloud Libraries and a new Welcome screen.

What"s new and changed

tekkenbasara.mobi InDesign CC 2014.2 release | February 2015

tekkenbasara.mobi InDesign CC 2014 release | October 2014

tekkenbasara.mobi InDesign CC năm trước release | June 2014

New in this release of InDesign CC

Creative sầu Cloud Libraries, now available in InDesign, allow you lớn organize, access and nội dung creative sầu assets, such as colors, type, brushes, & graphics. You can add character attributes as text styles. You can also copy your native sầu InDesign library assets your Creative sầu Cloud Libraries.

Note: You cannot transfer character styles to lớn Creative sầu Cloud Libraries. However, you can transfer character attributes as text styles.


Libraries are automatically synced lớn Creative sầu Cloud as they are created, so you don"t need to lớn worry about saving, or accidentally deleting or overwriting an asmix.

Photocửa hàng & IllustratorCC have sầu the Creative Cloud Libraries built in, too. Any Library that you save sầu from InDesign automatically becomes available for use in Photocửa hàng và Illustrator as well. The same way, any Library that you save sầu in Photocửa hàng & Illustrator becomes available in InDesign.

Your libraries are there when you need them; no Internet connection is needed. You can access a local copy on your desktop offline.

Easily migrate all or selected assets from native InDesign libraries khổng lồ Creative sầu Cloud Libraries. You can choose lớn migrate your native sầu library assets khổng lồ new or existing Creative Cloud Libraries.

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New in this release of InDesign CC

The năm ngoái release of InDesign CC has a new feature lớn help you discover, learn, use, và promote comprehensive sầu use of features. The Welcome screen is a single location that displays nội dung relevant lớn you. The screen is displayed each time you start InDesign, or when you clichồng Help > Welcome. The Welcome screen displays InDesign-related tutorials, videos, Help content, và much more. A tab-based approach helps you find interesting content, be it on new features, getting started launch-boards, or nifty tips & techniques.


Note: The Welcome screen feature is enabled for all US English & UK English InDesign CC 2014.2 users.

New in this release of InDesign CC

You can now send documents lớn anyone using older versions of InDesign without extra steps like manually exporting khổng lồ IDML. Compatibility is built right in, ensuring that your documents always open just as you would expect.

If you open a document created in a newer version of InDesign and click OK in the following message, InDesign uses a Creative sầu Cloud service to lớn convert the document khổng lồ the InDesign version that you are running. InDesign then saves the converted document baông xã khổng lồ your computer.


New in this release of InDesign CC

In previous releases of InDesign, to insert a table in a document, a user first needed to create a text frame and then insert the table within the text frame. This implied that if the current cursor was not inside a text frame the table menu options were disabled & users who were not aware of the workflow, were not able to lớn proceed.

To address this, InDesign now allows you lớn create a table without first requiring to create a text frame.

New in this release of InDesign CC

In previous releases of InDesign, when a user selected multiple items from multiple layers and groups them, the group (containing the items) was created in the topmost layer. If the user chose Ungroup, the items did not move back lớn the layers where they came from - they remained in the topmost layer.

The new Ungroup Remembers Layers feature addresses this pain point. The feature ensures that after ungrouping, all the items of a group are restored baông xã lớn their original layers (the layers where they came from).

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