Adobe Illustrator CS6 Portable is a powerful upgrade to lớn Illustrator CS5 Portable. You can tải về Adobe Illustrator CS6 Portable lademo version for không tính tiền for both 32-bit & 64-bit operating systems. This version contains a lot of new và very interesting features that are helpful in the creative process of every professional graphic designer. Whether you want to create artwork and projects for web, điện thoại, print or motion graphics, adobe illustrator is helpful in every creative sầu field. You can tải về the lachạy thử version of Adobe Illustrator CS4 for miễn phí.

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Overview Of Illustrator CS6 Portable

Adobe Illustrator CS6 Portable is a vector drawing tool that helps every designer to create stunning, incredible vector graphics. The Portable version of Illustrator CS6 got an attracting & user-friendly interface. It has a flexible nice looking interface that is self explainable. Designers can now create complex artwork & designs with a minimum slice of time.

The Portable version of Adobe Illustrator CS6 is specially designed for low specs/configuration systems. It can run super-fast on the computer even with low memory. This version has lightweight features và tools that can run on any computer. You don’t need to lớn have a powerful device to lớn run Illustrator because the Portable version of Illustrator CS6 can run on even a low powered device.

Mercury Performance system is one of the best features introduced to lớn the Portable version of Illustrator CS6. This a long-awaited feature that is now available khổng lồ all users. A lot of enhancements are made to this version of Illustrator. Some enhancements are made lớn the blur features available in Illustrator CS6. Other enhancements are made to lớn Gaussian Blur which makes your designs look more stunning.

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New brushes, strokes, and painting tools are available for drawing. Drawing with Illustrator is now easy & fun. New color libraries are added lớn Illustrator CS6 along with all color swatches. All new and extra options are added khổng lồ tools to increase flexibility và creativity. Creating shapes and lines is now easy with all the advanced tools và features. You can create both simple & complex shapes in the Portable version of Illustrator CS6.

Making your own workspaces in Illustrator is now possible. You can make your own workspaces with your selective sầu tools & features. If you don’t lượt thích your workspace you can delete it. Image trace và live paint tools are also available with all the other amazing features. Other amazing & fascinating features và tools are available in the Portable version of Illustrator CS6.


Work Faster And With More Stability

The Portable version of Illustrator CS6 is now much faster than ever before. This version is much more reliable & stable than the previous version of Illustrator. Designing complex art và graphics is now easy và more fun. With the new, Mercury Performance System introduced you can now work more efficiently và be more productive sầu. With the help of this powerful feature, you can easily vì heavy tasks lượt thích opening, saving and exporting large documents.

Effectively vày your daily tasks

With the powerful features available you can now work effectively and more efficiently. It got a user-friendly & more flexible interface. It offers you to create designs & complex artworks in a very simple & more manageable way. You can do all your daily tasks with the extra-ordinary features provided lớn you by the Portable Adobe Illustrator CS6.

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