very famous or popular, especially being considered to represent particular opinions or a particular time:
The film Casablanca won three Academy Awards, và its characters, dialogue, & music have sầu become iconic.
Iconic gestures mimic the forms of the things they st& for, such as outlining shapes, or moving your hands multiple times to lớn show repetition.

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An iconic sign is one whose size resembles its meaning in some way, as opposed lớn an arbitrary sign.

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But finding iconic information in the low level, or middle-level, visual system does not explain why the world looks iconic lớn us.
Consideration is given as to why some inquiries reach "iconic" status và the role of the truyền thông in this process is discussed.
When a composer chooses iconic recordings và texts, the overt conversation with the past can capture the power of shared, communal memory.
The second finding is that there is an indexical or even iconic relationship (as argued here) between vernaculars and masculinity.
In the following excerpt, the customer likewise produces an iconic hvà gesture in combination with a term.
Iconic gestures draw their communicative sầu strength from their perceived similarity khổng lồ a phenomenon simultaneously encoded in speech.
Inversely, iconic representations vì chưng not always need a legover as the relations between sound and graphical forms are much more intuitive.
Commemorations reflect and accommodate the iconic character of war in the twentieth century, and that is what gives them their audiences và footing.





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