a game played on ice between two teams of players who each have a curved stick with which they try to put a puck (= a small, hard disc) into the other team”s goal

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We cannot legislate for football one year, for ice hockey the next, for cricket the next, and for rugby league the next.

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Every week, people come from the rest of the world to take part in competitive games—ice hockey teams, ice skaters and bowling teams. In fact, it was moving around almost at the speed of one of those little solid black objects that ice hockey players use. He could have added a fourth spectator sport which is very active and prominent in his constituency, namely, professional ice hockey. Perhaps best known are the early amateur senior men”s ice hockey clubs which played from the 1890s until 1920.

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The football team, ice hockey team and the american football team are all multiple national champions. Media support for ice hockey has improved on a national level, although the majority of news is still found on the internet. In addition, only the capacity for indoor sports, such as basketball, ice hockey, volleyball, etc. are included.

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