It’s time khổng lồ pick the metal for your engagement or wedding ring! White metals are a popular choice for engagement ring settings, & they can make your perfect đá quí look even more stunning. But you’re not sure which Trắng metal is the best choice for you. We’re about to lớn make the decision easier for you by looking at four choices for Trắng metals: silver, White gold, palladium và platinum.

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Origin: First mined around 3000 BCE in Turkey, silver has been used lớn make jewelry for thousands of years. As of năm trước, the top five sầu producing countries of silver are Mexiteo, Peru, Đài Loan Trung Quốc, Australia and Chile.

Quality: Sterling silver is a popular choice for jewelry, although it is rarely used for engagement rings or wedding bands. Sterling is an alloy with 925 parts silver and 75 parts copper. A stamp, called a unique mark, will tell you how many parts of silver 3D the ring. In the U.S., the marking will typically read 925, .925 or S925.

Durability: Silver is soft, can scratch, và takes on an aged appearance. It is not the most durable of metals.

Silver is a very affordable metal for your engagement ring – especially compared to lớn white gold, platinum and palladium. It does, however, tarnish over time, which can be removed with silver polish or a polishing cloth. If sterling silver is plated with rhodium, it will be less likely lớn tarnish.

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Origin: White gold is made by alloying (mixing) gold with nickel or palladium, copper and zinh. In the U.S., this metal is typically 14K (583 parts pure gold and 417 parts other metals) or 18K (750 parts pure gold and 250 parts other metals).

The origin of the first Trắng gold alloy is a matter of debate, though a patent was filed for it in 1913. During World War II, the U.S. government declared platinum a strategic metal that could not be used for civilian applications. White gold engagement rings became the fashion of choice and still remains popular today.

Quality: You can purchase 14K or 18K Trắng gold engagement rings. The unique mark stamped inside the ring will tell you which one it is. Since Trắng gold is often plated with the element rhodium, it can be hard to lớn visually distinguish between 14K and 18K White gold.

Durability: Beautiful, durable, và long-wearing, white gold is a popular choice for both engagement rings & wedding bands. It’s corrosion and impact resistant, and has a substantial feel on the finger. Rhodium plating will wear away gradually over time, requiring the ring lớn be replated occasionally. Also, prongs can be damaged or loosen, so they should be checked periodically và repaired or tightened if needed. People allergic khổng lồ nickel should avoid white gold alloyed with this metal.


This platinum engagement ring has a đá quí center stone weighing .80 ct, và two oval đá quí side stones weighing a total of .50 ct. Courtesy of Platinum Guild International

Now that you’ve sầu completed your crash course on precious white metals, get ready khổng lồ shop for the trắng metal engagement ring or wedding band that complements the diamond you’ve sầu picked. And if you’re still looking for a kim cương, you might find this đá quí buying guide helpful.

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