In anime, There is this thing called gap moe, use khổng lồ describe a contradiction in characters, typically means unexpected cuteness. It"s used in many anime shows lớn create dễ thương or endearing characters that the audiences can root for.Bạn vẫn xem: What is gap moe?

For Example, if a serious character, who is always serious all the time, bởi something way out of his characters like being nerdy, we would Hotline this unexpectancy in characters, gap moe. This is called contrast in personality, a size of gap moe.

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Another khung of gap moe is when a character with less than appealing appearance, they usually have sầu intimidating and scary appearance even sometimes monster-ish, acted in a way that contrasts with their disgusting/unpleasant looks, which create a contrast between appearance và personality.

There are many forms of gap moe that I could talk about for hours, but these are the two forms of gap moe that I lượt thích lớn focus on today discussion about the importance of gap moe in making unsavory characters seem cute, & how it changed our perception of the character.

Contrast in personality

This is the most popular size of gap moe.

It usually takes a character that is either mess up in the head or serious type and applies dễ thương behavior khổng lồ them, which in turn make them moe.

Let me give you some example khổng lồ illustrate my point.

You might see a lot of tsundere in anime well, is a perfect example of gap moe. Tsundere might act tough or sometimes cold, they usually hide their feeling in their mind, often denying it, but occasionally they let their behavior slide through the crack, showing their cute & endearing nature. That creates a gap in characters, which make them adorable.

Takao from D-frag


Takao has a crush toward the MC, Kazama, but she often denies it. However, each time that she did, she would always contradict herself through her actions, her behavior often gets in the way of her feeling. In some instant, she would deny her interest in Kazama by ignoring it or dodging it, but she is shy, embarrassed & oddly excited when someone mentions Kazama or when she spends time with hyên. She treasures Kazama’s gift even though she says that she is uninterested in it. It"s this contrast between her word và her action, which make her xinh tươi. She is a tsundere, but she leans more on the dere rather than the tsun. Rather than being violent lượt thích most tsundere, she only tsun in her constant denial of her feeling, which it a weak contrast but it still enough for her to lớn be perceived as a case of gap moe.

Taiga Aisaka from Toradora


Taiga also has a feeling for the MC of the show, but her violent tendency tends to get in the way. Even though she is very violent, she has a soft childish side that makes her adorable. She is a hard nut, often prefer to lớn use violence khổng lồ solve sầu her problem, but sometimes there are cracks in her persona which reveal her true intention và feeling. She much rather hide her feeling than telling the one she loved, often hide behind a facade. Her strong contrast between her violent tendency & caring nature, making her endearing toward many people who watch the shows.

Rosarita Cisneros from Blachồng Lagoon



Senjougahara might be cold & threaten everyone who comes cthảm bại but she secretly is a very kind & gentle girl. When Araragi saves her from her inner monsters, she falls in love with hlặng & started to lớn show more of her kind nature more & more. Even though she still threaten people, she slowly shows more emotions & ultimately become a better person overall after her encounter with Araragi. Although she doesn"t show it lớn Araragi, she cares for hyên ổn very much. That is cute.

Dandere ( Contrast in how they act in public versus how they act when cchiến bại to their crush).

Hyuga Hinata from Naruto


While Hinata might be a shy & quiet girl, she becomes very proactive when she is near her crush, Naruto lớn. What started out as simply admiration soon turn inlớn pure love sầu và help Hinata to lớn slowly come out of her shell. Through her interaction with Narukhổng lồ, she becomes less shy, và is able lớn express herself more. For her love sầu to lớn be recognized by Naruto lớn, she had to lớn try her hardest and improving herself. That is endearing.

Yandere ( Contrast in their psychotic behavior và loving nature).

Yuno Gakhông đúng From Mirai Nikki

She might be perceived as “innocent and cute” by many people by her action at first, but when people started approaching Yukiteru, she started to lớn thua it. She only acts đáng yêu in front of her crush, và everyone else either got the ax or knife if they tried to get cthua thảm khổng lồ her beloved Yuki. When all else fail, she even kidnapping her crush to stop hyên ổn from contacting other people. That is xinh tươi in a terrifying kind of way.

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And etc.

Contrast in Appearance

This type of gap moe is more uncommon compared to personality disparity.

It usually plays with your expectation of a character, mostly using their appearance to triông chồng the audience. It subverts of expectation of what a character in opposite khổng lồ how they act might give sầu watchers a spook but ultimately will help the characters stay in the audience mind.

A few examples,

Galko from Please tell me! Galko-chan.

Based on the first image of Galko-san, what would you think her character would be like? Would she be a bad person? Would she behave lượt thích a bitch? Would she act like a total cunt?

Well, this show exists lớn smash that expectation of what a gyaru would be. Galko might seem like a typical gyaru but once you get lớn know her, she is the sweechạy thử and the most wholesome girl, you would ever come across. The first introduced you to Galko in all of her heavy makeup và nail polish giving the impression that she might be a stuck-up person but as the series progress, we can see but she is very much the opposite of what her look let on. It creates a subvert of appearance that will đầu vào the image of a character in the audience mind, which help with the appeal of the show. That is adorable.

Sunao Nako from Hitoribocchi no Marumaru Seikatsu.

While Nako might seem lượt thích a delinquent at first glance due to her appearance và overall fashion sense but she was the very first khổng lồ make friend with Bocđưa ra. Her speaking pattern might be a bit crude & could be considered rude but she only wants the best for people so she tells people straight what she thinks. It is this contrast between her appearance and her nature, her behavior compares lớn how she feels that make her quite an endearing individual. She helps Bocbỏ ra get more friends because of how caring she is.

On an extreme note, we got Ozen from Made in Abyss.

When we first met her, we might see her as a creepy lady due to lớn her posture, appearance and action. But as we learn more about her, we can underst& that even though her action was cruel and rough, it was well-intentioned. She, who has seen the Abyss in its full grotesque beauty, know about the danger of the Abyss. She was testing them to see if they are ready for the depth. She may be a weird one but her intention is well-meaning, creating a gap, which makes her endearing. That is xinh tươi in a weird way.

Why does " Gap Moe" matter in anime & why it"s important?

The important question of the day.

Well, thinking from an artists perspective sầu, this is just a tool lớn make the characters in a story, more human & relatable. It"s an easy way for the author to add depth to characters, lớn breath life to lớn them. This tool is so widely used that it"s kind of hard to imagine a story without them. Berserk"s protagonist, Guts, might seem lượt thích an angry guy but these tools help hyên ổn feel lượt thích a human, not just characters. To not leave sầu gap or contrast for a character, they might seem dull và overall just a boring characters khổng lồ follow. There are even some mangas that utilizing the contrast as the whole premise of the story lượt thích That girl is not only cute, The Faceless Girl, etc. It"s an important part of any truyền thông media. The gap in " gap moe" is a gap for the audience khổng lồ build bridges lớn connect khổng lồ the other side thus help the reader/watcher to lớn connect with the characters. It"s an efficient tool in storytelling.

There is also reversed gap moe or "Wolf in sheep"s clothing" tropes that describe when a character act xinh tươi to lớn hide their ugly nature but that is a topic for a different day.

Maybe someday, I will write about it but for today let"s kết thúc the discussion here. Until then, I am here wondering about it.

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