Talking Tom game contains alot of Animal Abuse, such as hitting the poor mèo & making the dog hit the cát aswell as farting on it, which is very saddening and inappropriate to lớn see a kid"s game have Animal Abuse. As a very sensitive person to lớn animals, they probably wanted to make it funny, but instead made it bad, & saddening, as they abuse the poor cat. This tiện ích should be deleted. There is also alot of Porn ads targeted at kids.

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This game is very unsafe as it is actually a person behind the screen trolling children. If you were to lớn get the game please don’t access microphone as this can be really unsafe for young kids
thar is some one hanking you vày not doled I have wond you. youl see it in the eyes but vày not risk it.

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Harming a mèo or dog is a FELONY & talking tom game teaches kids khổng lồ abuse. Parents should dem& that the "hit" aspect of talking tom needs to lớn be removed from the game. I am surprised that the company has been allowed to keep this atrocious feature for so long in spite of thousands of complaints filed. No way would I allow my child to play with this game. My husbvà I will warn others until abuse feature is removed.
This game sends frequent push notifications khổng lồ encourage the kids to lớn play more, e.g. "i miss you, come play" which I find unethical & am uncomfortable with. I have sầu turned them off of course, but this would need lớn be monitored and known about
it good but there is too many ads. the older version u could play with food & set it in blender to make smoothie without ads but now the newest version it keeps breaking và sometimes u have sầu lớn wait 30 minutes to play with mixer. the kids love sầu this but they ruined it AGAIN with more ads. now newest one there"s even more ads on mixer . the game is so good but it completely ruined coz ads.
Talking tom và angela are not possessed but hackers using remote access to your device regardless of child mode. The permissions give sầu access whenever they want khổng lồ view using your camera. A programmer discovered that there is a chatbot program in the phầm mềm ( the interactive sầu, interrogative questions) and there is an independent code for client server, str(sover to receive). STR is the chat line used by pedophiles to sover a a device code( 12-16 digits, letters and numbers) lớn others on the client server. Once activated, a device server number in a comm& line give sầu remote access lớn a group of pedophiles that see through the camera, và other devices with the app. the permissions allow it. Angela or tom will say remove your thumb from the camera. It is interactive lớn locate the persons using the tiện ích. The 7 yr old kidnapped girl and the phầm mềm is not coincidence. Do not tải về the ứng dụng. The company is wrong, there is a HACKER VERSION APPhường. on the internet. It is possible for a chatbot khổng lồ receive and record Clip of many users at once.
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