What are Larva Games?

There are a lot of new games categories that are waiting for you khổng lồ play here on tekkenbasara.mobi, và we are sure that you will have a great time today, because we are bringing for you the Larva games category! This is a new story from South Korea, where the characters are larvae or Larva, and you dear friends will have a lot khổng lồ learn about insects và many other creatures.

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For you to have sầu fun in this new games category, first you have khổng lồ know everything about the Larva cartoon, which you can see that it"s a new Disney Channel story created in Seoul, South Korea. This is a new computer animated series for kids between 3 years old and teenagers, because it"s very fun và interactive with the viewers. You dear friends can see that this Larva games category is going lớn have a lot of characters, & each character will have a different personality và a different style lớn play so we are sure that you will be able to make a lot of new friends. Each Larva character will look different, will behave different và have sầu a different color, và in most of the cases, the Larva will be named based on it"s color, but there will be exceptions as well. Most of the action is with Red & Yellow, the two main characters of the Larva series from Disney Channel. Because it"s a Disney Channel games category, you will see that all the games are going to be funny và even educational, because all the kids will learn a lot of stuff from the Larva characters while they play the Larva games or while they watch the Larva TV series from Disney. This is going khổng lồ be a computed animated set of games, so all the Larva characters are going to lớn be modeled on computers, và you can see that they will look great và funny, perfect for todlers, little kids and fun teenagers.

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Yellow, one of the main character of the Larva category is going to lớn be a yellow colored larva that has a small antemãng cầu on the top of his head, which helps hyên with balance and even may help hyên ổn khổng lồ have special abilities that will make him even more interesting. Yellow is Red"s best frikết thúc, & often he is picked on by Red, the other Lava main character, và you dear friends have sầu khổng lồ make sure that you help Yellow keep safe from all of Red"s jokes và picks on. Both Lava characters piông xã on each other, but they remain friends because they have a big sence of humor. Yellow is in love with food, & whenever he sees food he is a different larva and gets all excited. Yellow has a special ability, which makes hyên ổn change color from yellow to lớn brown when he is getting angry, if he is very scared, if he is very shy or when he is very anxious. Red is also the main character, and he is very different from Yellow, because he is greedy & has a hot head attitude which makes hyên look angry all the time, which you will see from the constant abuse over Yellow, but you will find out yourselves that Red always ends up hurting himself instead of Yellow, and we are sure that you will have sầu a great laugh when you will see these scenargame ios in the Larva games và Larva cartoons on Disney Channel. As we said at the beginning of our mô tả tìm kiếm, there are a lot of Larva characters, và you will see that there are goingto lớn be Violet Larva, Blachồng Larva, Rainbow Larva, Pink Larva, Blue, Navy or Green, which will also appear in most of our games. The Larva characters from the Disney Channel Larva story are very happy that they arrived here on tekkenbasara.mobi, and now they are waiting for you khổng lồ return & find their games that you can play with all your friends for không lấy phí. Have fun!

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