The easiest and most powerful trò chơi Modifier.Free and no ADs! Made by SBman from Chine! SBgametin tặc is the most easy-to-use Android game modifying artifact (no one). The fine is small, fast, green, miễn phí, no ads. The software to modify the game by modifying the memory data of the running game, money, blood, score, props, và the number of parameter values​​. Simple và practical, like how to change, how to lớn change your game you gọi the shots! 【Features】 The accurately Search: search the value of the games you can see, practical vast majority of cases; Fuzzy search: do not enter a specific value (blank), according khổng lồ data variation (larger / smaller / unchanged) data screening; Floating-point (decimal): trò chơi data is not an integer, you can not directly search data, belonging khổng lồ a fuzzy search; Data filtering: to determine the kích thước of the data range, and improve sầu efficiency; See Tutorial: Modify built-in 3 sets of classic tutorial examples, at the same time the the biscuits official trang web also modify the tutorial with more games.【Note】 The game changes needs to normal use of phone ROOT! ☆Support for English,Chinese,Traditional Chinese.I"m here: http://sbtools.meI"ve tried to bởi my best for English and Traditional Chinese users, please give sầu me five sầu stars, The software không tính tiền & no ads, five stars in my power và only harvest,love you!


1.Launch Game tin tặc android. If it says “Installation blocked” you have sầu to enable Unknown sources in your device’s settings.2.Tap on install & wait some seconds.3.Open trò chơi tin tặc. You will see a lot of things in Chinese. You don’t need any of these. Scroll lớn last and you will see written “Yes” & “No”.4.Tap on yes. This is just the License Agreement.5.Now trò chơi hacker apk closes và it shows “requesting root access…”. If your device is not rooted yet, please use 360 root or framaroot

6.Now it will show an info-box telling you the meaning of the logos/icons. Just tap on screen và it will go.

Bạn đang xem: 4 ways to hack games

7.trò chơi tin tặc will minimize và you will see a logo sản phẩm of game hacker floating on top left corner of the screen.8.xuất hiện the game which you want to lớn hachồng & play it.9.Collect some coins/ gain some score. Then tap on game hacker icon it will show a tìm kiếm box.10.Input the number of coins or your score it and tap search ibé.11.If it shows only one thành tích, cliông chồng on it & change the number khổng lồ your desired value. If it shows more than one value, play the game again, gain some items and tìm kiếm again. Repeat the process until single value is obtained.

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Get tasksInternetSystem alert windowWrite external storageAccess network stateRead phone stateapp android.permission.ACCESS_SUPERUSERRead external storage
Allows khổng lồ get information about the currently or recently running tasks.
Allows lớn access internet network.
Allows to open windows using the system alert, shown on top of all other applications.

Xem thêm: Ocp Là Gì ? Định Nghĩa Và Giải Thích Ý Nghĩa Định Nghĩa Và Giải Thích Ý Nghĩa

Allows to lớn write to lớn external storage such as SD thẻ.
Allows khổng lồ access information about networks.
Allows read only access lớn phone state.
App customer permission.
Allows to read from external storage such as SD thẻ.

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