The GTA series is regarded as one of the best franchises in the open-world action-adventure genre. The main titles include Gr& Theft Aukhổng lồ Three, Four, Five, San Andreas, & Vice City.

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The last title tells the story of Tommy Vercetti, one of the most loved protagonists. It was released in 2006, so it does not hold up to lớn the high graphical standards expected by gamers today.

That said, the modding community associated with the franchise has always been active.

These mods put GTA Vice City baông chồng on the map

5) Save Anywhere Mod

Not all mods for a GTA game are targeted towards graphics và gameplay. Some just make life easier. The Save sầu Anywhere Mod by WastedHymn adds a much-needed feature that the title lacked upon release.

In Vice City, gamers cannot initiate a "save sầu game" function in the open world. They must visit the Ocean View Hotel & walk up khổng lồ the "Pink Cassette" in the lobby.

The title also lacked mission checkpoints, which resulted in hard resets if Tommy died during demanding missions. This gian lận adds a quintessential quality of life feature & allows users to lớn relax while playing the game.

4) METV Radio-Custom 80s Radio Station

In an open-world game, GTA players often enjoy driving around & taking in the sights. But it isn"t a drive sầu without some great music playing on the radio.

Vice City allows them to use the in-game radio wheel to switch through a few great stations. But none of them had all the hits from the 80s, the era the game is mix in.

The METV Radio-Custom 80s Radio Station hack by Nikki Wright adds an extra radio station with seven hours of foot-tapping 80s music. The station features legends lượt thích Michael Jackson, Madonna, Duran Duran, Blondie, và many more.

3) Silent Patch

Speaking of Quality of Life upgrades, Silent has curated a great gian lận called the Silent Patch. It makes Vice City playable on modern systems without any hiccups và irons out more than just a few bugs.

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To start, gamers have sầu lots of issues with the mouse và its behavior when playing this game on modern systems. This gian lận ensures that the horizontal & vertical sensitivities match perfectly and prevents mouse locks.

Frame rates are a constant nightmare that needs fixing as the lag spikes render the title unplayable. This hack applies the right amount of frame rate limit lớn ensure it runs smoothly.

It also giao dịch with numerous problems that clash with the new Windows 10 operating system. Lastly, Silent Patch makes the game visually acceptable on 16:9 resolutions.

2) Vice City Multiplayer

GTA 5 continues khổng lồ be popular almost nine years after its release due to lớn the online mode that helps it remain culturally relevant. However, Vice City never had any multiplayer game modes.

The VC-MPhường Development Team developed a mod that enables players to lớn log inkhổng lồ multiplayer servers from anywhere in the world. Gamers even have the freedom to lớn create dedicated servers with many scripting capabilities khổng lồ make the experience customizable.

This gian lận is excellent for those looking for an RPhường experience in Vice City.

1) Tommy Vercetti HD và Skins

GTA Vice City came out almost two decades ago, và the graphics were top-notch. However, players who play modern games will suffer from eye sores as the title now looks janky & Minecraft-ish.

The Tommy Vercetti HD mod created by lunchxbles, mrx16, & ElChango enhances the textures of the protagonist. It will make the character stick out against the pixely surroundings, but it will surely enhance the experience. This is because gamers will be staring at Tommy"s back for most of the game.

The gian lận also allows them lớn switch between a few skins made for Tommy.

Note: This các mục is not in any particular order và solely reflects the writer"s opinions.

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