Return to lớn a farm bursting with life, và the old familiar feeling of a farmhouse trang chủ that’s all your own.

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Animal Families

Animals are the heart of every farm! On your farm, there are always amazing new animals just waiting khổng lồ be discovered. As you breed, nurture & tover the baby animals, they’ll grow inkhổng lồ new and exciting breeds. You can even unlochồng rare special breeds to lớn breathe exotic life inlớn your quaint farm!

Helping Hands

As you play, you can hire and level up a number of Farmhands. Each farmhvà has their own special skills, và they get more efficient as you cấp độ them up. Their unique personalities and quirks breathe life inkhổng lồ your farm!

Rain or Shine

While there are beautiful sunny days, rainy clouds and snowfalls vị happen from time lớn time. Use the weather lớn your advantage lớn speed up your crops growth, or plan for your next fishing trip.

All your Own

Your farm is all your own! Choosing where & what khổng lồ build, & transsize your farm"s look và feel with hundreds of decorations in order to lớn make it truly unique! You can also choose from a variety of styles, và colors for each building, lớn ensure that your farm is one of a kind!

Marie Merryweather

Marie knows all you need to lớn know about harvesting crops, caring for animals, and renovating barns, & she"ll show you the ropes.

Chad Wood

Chad is a professional lumberjaông xã và an eager home-gardener with a kind soul. Whenever he cuts down a tree, he plants two of them.

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Katie Cookie

Katie is your farm"s beloved baker, và a businesswoman in the making. She loves to lớn experiment with exciting new recipes, và is always open to adventures.

Jane Awesana

Playful & quick-witted, Jane is a forest ranger in the world of FarmVille. She loves wildlife, nature and caring for exotic animals.

Pauly Bee

Shy man of few words, Pauly loves to spkết thúc time in nature và enjoys simple things, lượt thích the smell of freshly baked pie, and the pride of a job well done.

Ami Tornado

Amày is a passionate meteorologist with an unfathomable love for cows. She publishes a new forecast everyday to help everyone plan their day!

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