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evolutionary change/progress/development Sustainable business development involves systematically creating a better future through evolutionary changes.
A far more:evolutionary policy is required—a policy of utilizing every acre in this country that is capable of being tilled or grazed.
Current knowledge indicates that ticks have sầu a life pattern that produces apparently conflicting evolutionary selection pressures.
To contrast mitochondrial with nuclear variation strengthens demographic investigations because it offers an independent view of evolutionary forces.
Evolutionary biology differentiates " primitive sầu " features that are present in a species and species ancestral to it and related species.
Alternatively male rarity could be too recent a phenomenon on an evolutionary timescale khổng lồ have generated a female territorial response.
At the time of their writing, there was no explanation for diachronic change within societies other than that provided by race-based evolutionary theory.
Since the regulation of enzyme activity (left) is of great evolutionary value, a number of different levels of control appeared during evolution.
In the case of some và probably most males & females, facultative sầu responsiveness makes great evolutionary sense.
First, note that shepard"s approach points the way to lớn a long overdue task: to lớn compile what can be considered evolutionary constraints on perception.
In the over, preference for one source over the other may depkết thúc on whose evolutionary stories one finds congenial.

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Nevertheless, novel biological & evolutionary understanding of language (& other cognitive sầu structures) may occur beforehvà.
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