Easy lớn use and understand: Our learner dictionaries use commonly used words khổng lồ make understanding easy, whatever your level.

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Improve communication skills: Our learner dictionaries help you learn vocabulary and understvà words in context.Develop natural English: Our learner dictionaries use definitions và include whole, authentic English sentences.


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Longman Dictionary of American English

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Unlike miễn phí online dictionaries our definitions use common wordsClear definitions use the Longman Defining Vocabulary of 2,000 wordsEasy lớn underst& definitions, whatever your level
Meanings organized by frequencyComtháng meanings come firstA quicker way to lớn find the meanings you are looking for
We guide you lớn the right meaning - fast!Meanings are summarized with words or short phrasesHelps you find words with multiple meanings
Frequent, comtháng word combinations are highlightedCollocations help improve sầu fluency so you can express yourself naturally
Research shows you need to know roughly 9000 word families to lớn understand a wide variety of authentic texts. Based on the lachạy thử research Longman have now created a danh sách of the 9000 most frequent words in English – the Longman Communication 9000.

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How it works: The Longman Communication 9000 is divided into three bands of high, medium & lower frequency words.Learner focused: The Longman Communication 9000 represents the core of the English language. It shows you which words are the most important khổng lồ learn for effective sầu communication.Longman Communication in practice: The Longman Communication 9000 has been developed from the Longman Communication 3000, which features the 3000 highest frequency words và is still used in some of our dictionaries.
Download our lachạy thử ứng dụng và make sure you always have sầu a dictionary in your pocket whenever or wherever you need one.

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