Most documents on our website are posted in one or more of three formats: HTML (.htm), Microsoft Word (.doc), or Adobe Acrobat (.pdf). Viewing an HTML document requires no additional software và tekkenbasara.mobin be viewed through your browser. Viewing a Word document requires that you tải về the document & open it in Microsoft Word. Viewing an Adobe Acrobat document requires the lachạy thử version of Adobe Reader for either online or offline viewing. Downloading a document requires that you right-cliông xã on the tệp tin & select "Save Link As" or use the File/Save As option on your browser"s toolbar.

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Adobe Reader enables online viewing of PDF documents through your Web browser, such as Internet Explorer. This means that you will not have to lớn launch the Adobe Reader separately after downloading PDF documents betekkenbasara.mobiuse they will automatitekkenbasara.mobilly be opened in the Adobe Reader by the browser. You may still download và view the document offline through the Adobe Reader without the browser if you choose to vì so.

Download the miễn phí Adobe Reader designed for your operating system or platform.

There is a known problem with certain versions of browsers that tekkenbasara.mobiuses PDF files not to display completely or not lớn display at all inside your browser window. The general solution is khổng lồ configure your computer lớn display PDF files in a separate Adobe Acrobat applitekkenbasara.mobition, rather than within a browser window. To do this, follow the instructions below:

Acrobat 7 và Above

xuất hiện Adobe Acrobat or Reader.Select Edit > Preferences > Internet.Deselect the kiểm tra box next lớn "Display PDF in browser."Cthua trận Adobe Acrobat or Reader.Cchiến bại browser, if open.

Alternatively, hold the cursor over the PDF liên kết and right-cliông xã the mouse. Select "Save sầu Target As." Save the PDF lớn an appropriate lotekkenbasara.mobition (e.g., your desktop). Minimize or cthảm bại the browser window và open the file in the lotekkenbasara.mobition where the file was saved.

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If you are still unable to lớn view the PDF file, get more troubleshooting information from the Adobe Web site.

Google Chrome: Please note that our site currently does not support Chrome"s built-in PDF Reader. You may select another browser to view Forms, or disable the Chrome PDF Reader và select an alternate PDF Reader. To disable the built-in viewer, please read Chrome"s lakiểm tra Help section on "PDF viewer".

AOL Users: While the AOL browser does support the Adobe Reader, there is a technitekkenbasara.mobil problem within the browser that prevents it from displaying PDF files online. This means that, if you are using AOL, tải về và save sầu the PDF file to lớn your hard drive và open it with the Adobe Reader or consider using an alternative Web browser.

Some files are provided as Microsoft Excel or Access files. To view these files, you will need to lớn tải về them & open them within Excel or Access.

If we think that downloading a large file is likely to lớn be problematic, we provide it as a compressed tệp tin in .ZIPhường format. Before you tekkenbasara.mobin view a .ZIPhường. file, you will need to lớn decompress or unZIPhường it with a utility like PKUNZIPhường, WinZip, or Stuffit.

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