ChemOffice Professional is an integrated suite of tools that contains a variety of powerful and intelligent apps for scientific và research. ChemOffice is an easy-to-use personal productivity tools that enables scientists & researchers khổng lồ capture, store, retrieve và nội dung data easily.

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They will be easily to lớn chia sẻ all kinds of data and information, such as reactions, materials, compounds, và associated properties. ChemOffice Professional helps chemists and biologists lớn analyze, organize, visualize và understand the result accurately. ChemOffice provides a lot of powerful tools for chemistry & biology applications, allows you easily chia sẻ, communicate, và collaborate more effectively.

Key Features:

Draw molecules, reactions and associated entitiesGenerate names from structures và propertiesEasy store và access to lớn your ChemDraw filesShare documents & collaborate with colleaguesCapture data, organize, & evaluate resultsCustomizable analysis và organization toolsManipulate and enrich sets of compounds dataView compounds in three dimensions with Chem3DEasy to lớn discern structure-activity relationshipsManipulate structures & automate processes

What’s new in ChemOffice Professional 18:

Autonumbering reaction schemes in ChemDrawAutosave and autorecovery for documentsNew preference thành quả lớn control displayImproved enhanced stereochemistry taggingNew retrosynthesis tool (for ChemDraw)New tư vấn for brackets và repeat groupsSave sầu khổng lồ & browse ChemDraw Cloud filesUsability enhancements (Cocoa framework)PReviews CDX & CDXML Files, & more.Other bug fixes & improvements.ChemOffice Professional 18.1 Full Crack

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Minimum Requirements:

Windows 7/ 8/ 8.1/ 10 (32-bit or 64-bit – all editions)1.6 GHz muti-core processor1 GB RAM (Memory)300 MB không tính phí disk space1024 x 768 displayMicrosoft Office 2010 or aboveMicrosoft .NET Framework 4.0

How lớn install/Activate:

Disconnect from internet (most important)Unpachồng và install the program (run setup)Skip activation, and complete as evaluationCopy Cracked files from Craông chồng to lớn install dirAlways blochồng the program in your firewall!

Download Craông chồng Only Download Craông chồng + Setup

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