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All modern Windows operating systems include DirectX by mặc định, so you probably won"t ever need khổng lồ install DirectX manually.

However, Microsoft has been known lớn release updated versions, and installing the lathử nghiệm updates might be the fix khổng lồ a DirectX problem you"re having—such as dthiết đặt.dll errors—or may give sầu performance increases in your games và graphics programs.

Follow the steps below to update DirectX in anyversion of Windows. Installing DirectX will take less than 15 minutes.

Depending on the version of Windows you"re using, you might not be in need of a new version of DirectX. See the section below these steps lớn confirm that DirectX will work for your computer. If you"re not sure which version your computer has installed right now, there are instructions for doing that at the very bottom of this page.

Select your preferred language from the drop-down box and then choose Download to save the thiết đặt tệp tin to your computer.


Open the dxwebsetup.exe file and complete the DirectX installation by following directions from Microsoft"s website or from the installation program. It should take less than a minute lớn install.


Read carefully through the thiết đặt procedure. You might be asked khổng lồ install something else lượt thích the Bing Bar. Just uncheck whatever you"re not interested in to avoid installing it.

Whatever DirectX files are missing will be replaced as necessary. See the next section below for more information about DirectX in specific versions of Windows.

After restarting your computer, demo khổng lồ see if updating lớn the latest version of DirectX corrected the problem you were having.

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DirectX Windows Versions

All versions of Windows don"t tư vấn all versions of DirectX. Here"s more on how each version of DirectX works across the Windows family.

DirectX 12 is included with Windows 10 và is only supported in that version of Windows. Updates khổng lồ DirectX 12 related files are only available through Windows Update. No standalone version of DirectX 12 is available.

DirectX 11.4 & 11.3 are only supported in Windows 10. As with DirectX 12.0, updates are only provided through Windows Update.

DirectX 11.2 is supported in Windows 10 and Windows 8 (8.1+) only. Any updates to lớn DirectX 11.2 related files are made available in Windows Update in those versions of Windows. There is no standalone tải về available for DirectX 11.2.

DirectX 11.1 is supported in Windows 10 và Windows 8. Windows 7 (SP1) is supported as well but only after installing the Platsize Update for Windows 7.

DirectX 11.0 is supported in Windows 10, Windows 8, và Windows 7. Support for Windows Vista is available but only after installing the Platkhung Update for Windows Vista.

How lớn Find the Current DirectX Version Number

You can check which version of DirectX is installed on your computer through the DirectX Diagnostic Tool.

Exedễ thương the dxdiag comm& from a command-line interface, such as the Run dialog box (WIN+R) or Command Prompt.

If you see a message asking about checking for digitally signed drivers, press Yes or No; it doesn"t really matter for what we"re looking for here.

From the System tab, look for the DirectX Version entry at the bottom of the menu to see the DirectX version number.

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