“Devil May Cry 5” is the lathử nghiệm hack-and-slash game from Capcom studios. Credit: Courtesy of TNS


“Devil May Cry 5” is a visually stunning hack-and-slash, single-player game developed và published by Capcom. DMC5 returns the series to its roots as a true successor to lớn “Devil May Cry 4” after an ill-fated attempt to lớn reboot the series with “DmC: Devil May Cry,” which was developed by Nin-Ja Theory & released in 2013.

In returning khổng lồ its roots, the series is back, bigger và better than ever, while retaining everything else that fans have sầu come khổng lồ love about the “Devil May Cry” games.

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“Devil May Cry 5” runs on the same engine as “Resident Evil 2,” called the RE engine. DMC5 utilizes the full power of the recently launched RE Engine, which made its debut in 2017 as the engine behind “Resident Evil 7: Biohazard,” through its beautifully rendered environment, characters and enemies.

There are two levels of difficulty when you start the game: Human mode, which is just way too easy, và Detháng Hunter mode, which is the mode I recommkết thúc if you’re new khổng lồ the series.

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From the beginning, the game is nothing but fast-paced action & one of the biggest changes from previous games in the franchise is that instead of just playing as one or two main characters, you get lớn play as three.

The first character you assume is Nero, a character who became the de fackhổng lồ series protagonist in “Devil May Cry 4.” Nero is a character khổng lồ use until you run out of Devil breakers — mechanical arms with varying special abilities that he can equip khổng lồ take down enemies with style.

For example, one arm called “Overturn” fires a giant electric h& to push baông xã enemies while also harming them. Another arm is called the “Gerbera,” which is a shockwave sầu that does the same thing as the “Overturn,” but also allows Nero to lớn triple jump.

But my personal favorite is the “mega buster.” When you start a mission, you enter the level Mega Man-style, with jumping abilities similar to lớn the Capcom hero. You can shoot out little pellets and even a charge shot. There are many other “arms” throughout the game that I encourage you lớn demo out if you play.

The next character is V, who plays more as a defensive sầu character, also known as a puppet character. He summons a variety of shadows lớn help hyên fight, as the mysterious man is too physically weak khổng lồ fight himself.

For cthất bại combat he summons Shadow, a demon who typically takes the shape of a panther for cthua thảm combat, with clawing & biting abilities, but can also transsize inkhổng lồ other forms, such as a giant bear trap-esque saw blade, khổng lồ add style to lớn your combos.

V also brings along Griffin, a bird he summons from the shadows for ranged attacks, who never seems happy lớn engage in combat & likes to chime in on V’s adventures with dry, snarky quips.

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Lastly, V has the ability lớn sumtháng Nightmare, which can best be described as a giant ogre. Upon summoning Nightmare, it plummets inkhổng lồ the battlefield from above or rips through the Earth from below before dealing massive damage in a short time & disappearing.

And then there’s Dante, the most fun & complex character of the three options. He has a bunch of weapons, such as his classic sword & dual-wielding pistols, và also boxing gloves that create a Shoryuken, a sword that turns inkhổng lồ a scythe, and a motorcycle that transforms into dual-wielding chainsaws. Dante also has four different fighting styles: Swordmaster gives you more moves for your weapons, Trickster helps with dodging enemies’ attacks, Royal Guard helps you deflect enemy attacks and Gunslinger gives you more moves with your guns.

Combining Dante’s four styles with his six-plus weapon choices provides this character with by far the most bộ combo possibilities as switching between styles & weapons can keep an enemy in the air seemingly forever as the full bộ meter skyrockets.


The first three games in the “Devil May Cry” series never really focus on a typical story mode, favoring the environment và gameplay, but with cheesy jokes between the characters & over-the-top action.

But “Devil May Cry 5,” gets a proper campaign. It’s an average story, but it keeps the charm that all games in the series have sầu. There are also some plot twists that longtime fans may see coming, but newcomers khổng lồ the game will enjoy as well.

The game includes a “History of DMC” Clip option in the beginning that chronicles the entire series’ timeline as a way lớn catch up on the series. If you buy the $15 downloadable nội dung or the deluxe pháo edition of the game, you get these behind-the-scenes shorts, which are very funny lớn watch, but also show the dedication và hard work the developers put into the game.


“Devil May Cry 5” is a fantastic game for fans & newcomers who enjoy the hack-and-slash genre. The game looks và feels amazing & has a lot of trả lời value, & is definitely a game-of-the-year contender for me. Capcom is baông xã better than ever with their recent “Resident Evil” & “Devil May Cry” games, & I can’t wait lớn play what they make next.

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