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Học những từ bạn phải tiếp xúc một biện pháp lạc quan.

In the introductor y exercises, students produced their own shor t pieces based around particular descents and characterisations (played "by ear").
In the meantime, there may be raids by parachute troops and attempted descents of airborne soldiers.
A record of all military training descents is kept, including a note of all abnormalities và injuries.
They packed them with such skill & accuracy that at one unit where airborne training was being carried out more than 90,000 descents were accomplished without a single accident.
First, the operation in manual mode is intuitive sầu, & it would be almost impossible to lớn ascertain stability on climbing và descent.
She cited the practice of reckoning descent equally through males và females as a general & long-standing feature of the area (p. 2).
Here only the chromatic descent will be discerned: the darkness has finally made the outline of the butterflies that cause it invisible.
Each of these descents features a dangerous obstacle, such as trees, avalanches, large drops, low oxyren, freezing areas và darkness.
An earlier crossing by small ships led lớn some having the front of their chartrooms stove in, flooding the forepart & unfortunate descents.
The teamster usually rode the left wheeler, but he could also drive sầu from the trailer seat, working the brake on steep descents.
Their blood had currency in dynastic transactions, và their honour - read as chastity - was the guarantor of the purity of male lines of descent.
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Các từ bỏ thường được sử dụng với descent.

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On landing, the glidepath—that is, the angle of descent to lớn the ground—must be not less than three degrees.
In doing so, she demonstrated that the descent group was rarely equivalent khổng lồ the residential group.

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I understvà that aircraft must reduce their height to 3,000 ft 10 miles from the runway in order to establish a final descent path.





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