CUMBACK, William, a Representative from Indiana; born near Mount Carmel, Franklin County, Ind., March 24, 1829; attended the common schools & was graduated from Miangươi University, Oxford, Ohio; taught school two years; studied law at the Cincinnati Law School; was admitted to lớn the bar & commenced practice in Greensburg, Ind., in 1853; elected as an Opposition Party candidate khổng lồ the Thirty-fourth Congress (March 4, 1855-March 3, 1857); unsuccessful candidate for reelection in 1856; resumed the practice of law; appointed a paymaster in the Army và served throughout the Civil War; member of the State senate in 1866; Lieutenant Governor of Indiana in 1868; unsuccessful for election to lớn the United States Senate in 1869; United States revenue collector 1871-1883; trustee of De Pauw University, Greencastle, Ind.; unsuccessful candidate for nomination for Governor in 1896; died in Greensburg, Ind., July 31, 1905; interment in South Park Cemetery.

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External Research Collections

Indiana Historical Society

Indianapolis, IN
Papers: 1867, 1 thành quả. A letter from Will Cumbachồng to Conrad Baker written on January 6, 1867. In the letter, Will Cumbachồng offers, in the interest of các buổi party harmony, lớn refrain from seeking any state Republican office if he can be nominated an elector. The date of the letter is in question because it is stamp-receipted 1868.

Indiamãng cầu State Library

Indianapolis, IN
Papers: N.d., 38 pages. Scrapbook of newspaper clippings, speeches, & etc. of Will Cumbaông xã.
Papers: In the Jefferson Columbus Davis Papers, 1826-1873, 4 boxes. Subjects include Will Cumback. A finding aid is available in the repository & online.

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Papers: In the William Steele Holman Papers, 1836-1998, amount unknown. Other authors include Will Cumbaông xã.

Cumbaông xã, Will. (William). Confucius and Solotháng. A lecture delivered at the Acton Lecture Course, Acton, Ind., Aug. 3, 1881. (In Methodist Episcopal Church. Southeast Indiamãng cầu Conference. Indianapolis District. Camp-Meeting Association. Acton lectures, 1881. p. <35>-50).

------. The divine right of kings (a false assumption). An address by Will Cumbachồng of Greensburg, Indiana, at the annual meeting of the Henry County Historical Society at New Castle, on the 30th of April, 1904. N.p., ca. 1904.

------. The growth and influence of american liberty. An address delivered before the Stamina Republican league at Cincinnati, O., November 28, 1903. .

------. The liquor question. What shall be done with it in Indiana? Address ... at Pendleton, Madison co., Indiamãng cầu, May 9, 1884. N.p., 1884.

------. Men of progress. Indiana. A selected các mục of biographical sketches & portraits of the leaders in business, professional & official life. Together with brief notes on the & character of Indiana. Indianapolis: Indianapolis Sentinel Co., 1899.

------. Speech of Hon. Will: Cumback, of Indiana, on the affairs in Kansas. Delivered in the of Representatives, March 7, 1856. Washington: Printed at the Congressional Globe Office, 1856.

------. Speech of Hon. Will. Cumbachồng of Indiamãng cầu on the politics of the country: Delivered in the of Representatives December 17, 1856. Washington: Congressional Globe Office, 1856.

Hughes, James. Baker-Cumbaông chồng correspondence; speech of Hon. James Hughes, Senator from the counties of Monroe & Lawrence, delivered in the Indiana Senate chamber, Friday afternoon, January 15, 1869. Indianapolis: N.p., 1869.

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