Coromãng cầu is a không lấy phí, cross-platform framework igiảm giá khuyến mãi for creating games and apps for mobile devices & desktop systems. Using the powerful but easy-to-learn Lua scripting language, over 1000 built-in APIs, a vast selection of plugins, and Corona Native extensions (C/C++/Obj-C/Java), you can bring your app dreams lớn reality. You can even monitor projects instantly on multiple devices using Live sầu Builds. These features & more are all part of the Coromãng cầu ecosystem!


Using Corona, you can publish to lớn all major platforms from a single code base, including điện thoại Apple iPhone & ipad, Android phones and tablets, Amazon Fire, Mac Desktop, Windows Desktop, & even connected TVs such as Apple TV, Fire TV, và Android TV. No separate projects or rewrites needed!



Mature and time-tested

Over the span of 8 years Corona has evolved into a mature, battle-tested framework. Over 1000 APIs give you access khổng lồ sprite animations, audio and music, Box2 chiều physics, object tweening, advanced graphical filters, particle emitters, networking, system controls, texture management, native sầu elements, data, & much more.

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Corona uses Lua, a powerful và easy-to-learn scripting language, backed up with extensive documentation. Lua is designed lớn be lightweight, fast, yet powerful. It is used in major titles such as Civilization, Warcraft, & countless indie games. Designers also tend to lớn love Lua because it’s very approachable & it offers plain, forgiving syntax — if you’ve never coded before, Lua và Coromãng cầu is a perfect place to start!



Real-time simulation

Paired with an IDE or text editor that you’re already comfortable with, the interactive sầu Corona Simulator will respond khổng lồ your code changes instantly, providing a real-time preview of what your app will look like — and how it will behave sầu — on actual devices. Everything from graphics lớn animations, simulated physics to lớn beautiful particle effects, the Corona Simulator streamlines your workflow and lets you see changes instantly.

Live testing

When you’re ready to lớn move beyond the Corona Simulator and thử nghiệm your phầm mềm on actual devices, just select a checkbox on the build screen and our Live sầu Build system kicks in. Then, just lượt thích the instant-update Coromãng cầu Simulator, any device on your local network running a Live Build of the ứng dụng will update instantly, saving you the time of frequent builds and re-installs.


Speed và performance

From bleeding-fast OpenGL graphics khổng lồ the lightweight scripting power of Lua, Coromãng cầu is optimized for performance at every core level. With Coromãng cầu, your apps are automatically compiled at build time, streamlined for performance và stability.

Plugin power

Corona’s core is already rich with features, but if you need more, there are many plugins in the Coromãng cầu Marketplace which extkết thúc Corona even further! Everything from in-ứng dụng advertising, analytics, truyền thông, hardware features, and more are within your reach through a selection of almost 200 plugins, & that number continues to lớn grow.

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hotline any native library

If the extensive sầu core functionality and selection of plugins don’t offer a specific feature you require, Corona Native allows you khổng lồ integrate your Lua code & assets with an Xcode or Android Studio project and use those tools lớn build your phầm mềm. Essentially, Corona Native sầu lets you Điện thoại tư vấn any native sầu library using Objective-C and Swift for Apple platforms, Java for Android platforms, and C/C++ for either.

Plugins for all needs

Using Corona Native sầu, you can even create & distribute powerful plugins for other Corona developers in the Corona Marketplace, exposing native sầu platkhung features, support for third-các buổi tiệc nhỏ tools, & more.

Easy setup

Coromãng cầu is elegant và inclusive: simply tải về and install Corona, start a new project, và start editing Lua code in your favorite IDE or text editor. That’s it! With Coromãng cầu, the fun begins immediately & your changes will be instantly reflected through the built-in Coromãng cầu Simulator — no need lớn maintain internal toolsets or configure external SDKs.

Coromãng cầu is completely free

No hidden fees, charges, or royalties. No matter if you are an indie developer or a large publisher, you will never pay for core functionality.

Coromãng cầu cards

CoronaCards was designed lớn be added to lớn existing native sầu apps – it can be embedded in an existing app structure, so it does not control or own the main application staông xã. There’s complete flexibility: show CoronaCards full or partial screen, or even as an overlay. See what you can do!

Our mission is lớn enable anyone to create great Smartphone apps. Our flagship product, Coromãng cầu, is the world’s most advanced 2D sản phẩm điện thoại development platkhung.

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