Convert lớn VOB from MP4 using the best & faskiểm tra VOB converter.

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"I"ve some MP4 video files which record wonderful moments of my mom"s birthday. I want lớn convert those MP4 videos khổng lồ VOB for burning lớn DVD. Anyone can show me a tutorial about converting MP4 lớn VOB?"

There"s a time when we need to lớn convert MP4 videos, shoot by ourselves, downloaded or purchased online, khổng lồ VOB format for later burning khổng lồ DVD. That way, we can play the content on TV via DVD player. So, how to convert MP4 to lớn VOB?

Download an MP4 to VOB Converter - WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe

One of the best và faschạy thử MP4 to lớn VOB đoạn phim converters, available for Windows 10, 8.1, 8, 7, Vista & XP. Plus, it is accompanied by an up-to-date Mac version for macOS High Sierra and lower. This tool allows users to convert SD/HD/4K MP4 khổng lồ VOB directly for burning to NTSC DVD or PAL DVD. Fast conversion speed is guaranteed owing lớn the tư vấn for Hãng sản xuất Intel QSV, MMX-SSE, Nvidia CUDA/NVENC, Hyper-threading và AMD 3DNow! Technologies. Besides tệp tin format conversion, it can perform đoạn Clip editing lượt thích merging, cropping và trimming. To keep the image clean, it will never embed watermarks or other craps.

For Windows and Mac only. If you are a thiết bị di động user, please clichồng here.

It is also possible lớn convert MP4 lớn VOB online, however disadvantages are obvious. Let"s just name a few. Many online MP4 khổng lồ VOB converters lượt thích Convert.Files provide one-by-one conversion only. You can"t convert multiple files in batch & let alone merging them inlớn one. Different from desktop converting software, it requires network connection to lớn upload file và download output. Despite all that, you still love online converter because it is free? Chechồng it carefully again, & you probably find maximum upload tệp tin kích thước maybe 50MB & a sign up option for expensive sầu purchases. So, a desktop-based program is a more favorable option.

How lớn Convert MP4 khổng lồ VOB?

Firstly you can không tính tiền tải về WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe then install it on your PC. mở cửa it và follow the steps below to begin changing file format from MP4 khổng lồ VOB.

Step 1. Load target MP4 video(s). You are allowed khổng lồ load a single MP4 file or a couple of files by clicking "+ Video" button resided at the top left corner or dragging & dropping them into lớn main UI.

Step 2. Select VOB as output. Scroll down to "DVD Profile" of the Target Format window, & choose NTSC DVD VOB file format or PAL DVD VOB tệp tin format based on your own needs.

Convert MP4 to lớn VOB

Step 3 (optional). Edit videos.

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If you need lớn join multiple videos inkhổng lồ one, tiông xã "Merge" under the previews window. Move sầu mouse over a file, you"ll see arrow keys which are designed lớn customize the đoạn phim sequence. For cropping or trimming off unwanted segments, clichồng on "Edit".

Step 4. Begin converting MP4 to VOB. When everything is in place, you can tap on the blue "RUN" button at the bottom right to lớn exexinh đẹp MP4 to lớn DVD VOB format instantly. Then, you can walk away & let the converter vày this job by itself.

After converting to lớn VOB, you can burn VOB to lớn DVD easily for miễn phí. A standard DVD disc is good for approximately 2- hour video clip. If longer, you will need a dual layer disc.

Free Video Converter lớn Convert MP4 khổng lồ FLV Format

FLV is the best format khổng lồ upload videos to lớn đoạn Clip sharing websites or blogs sites. This article provides a quiông chồng guide to convert MP4 lớn FLV format on Windows (10) và Mac with a good & không tính tiền Clip converter.

How to Convert MP4 lớn DivX (.avi) on Windows 10?

The best MP4 to DivX converter helps you convert MP4 lớn DivX encoded đoạn phim in .avi format on Win 10 easily, for playbachồng on DVD/Blu-ray players, (LG) TVs, PS3 phần tư, điện thoại phones, tablets etc.

Convert MP4 to lớn SWF Flash Video Format on PC/Mac

Need khổng lồ convert MP4 to SWF? Use a professional faschạy thử MP4 lớn SWF converter to lớn easily convert MP4 video clip to SWF format on PC/Mac.

How to lớn Free Convert MP4 lớn WebM in a Fast & Simple Way

This guide introduces a fast and simple way khổng lồ không tính tiền convert MP4 video to lớn WebM for HTML 5 videos on PC/Mac with a high image chất lượng.


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