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Two weeks before my exams I closeted myself (away) in my room with my books & I didn"t speak to lớn anyone.
The president has been closeted with (= having a private meeting with) his advisers for several hours.
used khổng lồ refer to lớn a belief, activity, or feeling that is kept secret from the public, usually because you are frightened of the results of it becoming known:
a small room or space in a wall where you can store things such as clothes, sheets, etc., often having a door so that it can be closed:
She expected some control over cabinet appointments, & often worried about her closet being stormed.
It is refreshing to see closet drama discussed as a cultural practice in its own right rather than as a secondary (feminized and marginalized) genre.
This veritable " skeleton in the closet" continues to trouble both ars nova aesthetics and the musicologists who concern themselves with this repertory.
I consider three "sites" from which meaning is generated: the spectacle; otherness & sameness/misrecognition & identity; & secrets and closets.
They were also furnished with such modern sanitary wares as bathtubs, water closet, hvà washbasin with marble counter top và timber cabinets.
Accommodations for women included standard water closets available for their use at a charge of one penny.
Through the metaphor of redefinition, the closet can describe someone whose identity is not ever-present, but changing.
His redefinition of the closet has an interpretation which views the closet as the place where one"s false self resides.
Her perspective sầu, though, is made relative by the other speakers and by the size in which it is presented: the verse or closet drama.
An architectural school offers a very different khung of education to the closeted và uneven, if occasionally brilliant, alternative of the old apprentice based system.
The local doctor found us a dressing room used by residents, little more than a closet, và left us there with our kinsman.
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