Leaked videos & images could offer some of the first glimpses of the AT&T version of the BlackBerry A10.

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The pictures and video clip, posted by tinch.te, showcases a device that isn’t too different from the styling of its predecessors, the BlackBerry Z10 and Blackberry Q.10. Only these two devices ship with the BlackBerry 10 operating system in North America.

It appears that the BlackBerry A10 is meant khổng lồ be a high-end điện thoại thông minh. In the đoạn Clip, the BlackBerry quận 10 is seen sporting a 5” inch AMOLED display và a matte plastic back that hides a rather large battery. Ports include a microSD thẻ slot for adding storage, & a micro HDMI port so that users can output videos and other truyền thông media to lớn televisions & monitors.


Just like the BlackBerry Z10, the BlackBerry A10 will keep its top mounted headphone jachồng & power button. On the right side of the device is the same three button volume control system that is found on the Z10.

Though the person in the video clip takes a small amount of time to show off scrolling on the home screen, he doesn’t go inlớn too much detail on any software features that might be hidden on the device. As such, we’re only left to speculate about what version of the BlackBerry 10 operating system the BlackBerry A10 might be running.

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AT&T seems to have opted to lớn place it’s rather large ‘globe’ biệu tượng công ty on the baông xã of the device.

Not much else is known about the BlackBerry A10. Reports in July had indicated that BlackBerry’s hardware partners were pushing the handphối maker to lớn announce the device as early as last month, however the company simply wasn’t ready. Those reports also cited the BlackBerry A10 as the reason Sprint decided khổng lồ not launch the BlackBerry Z10 on their network in January.

With the leaks of the BlackBerry A10 growing, the company could be preparing khổng lồ launch the device sometime in the near future. As the year wears on BlackBerry will need khổng lồ make a better attempt at attracting users in the market for a flagship device. Although the BlackBerry Z10 only launched this year, it has already been overshadowed by refreshed flagships like the Samsung Galaxy S4, Smartphone HTC One và – to a lesser extent – Nokia’s Lumia 10trăng tròn.

For its part, Apple is expected to lớn ship an updated flagship of its own soon. Rumors have pegged a launch for the iPhone 5S sometime this fall.

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