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A full-fledged tekkenbasara.mobi with two modes of autoclicking, at your dynamic cursor location or at a prespecified location. The maximum amounts of clicked can also be mix (or left as infinite).Hotkeys work in the background for convenience.If you want to automate group of mouse actions, Please try this https://sourceforge.net/projects/orphamieltekkenbasara.mobi/files/Auto
Whats new in v1.0.0.2:1. You can now change your hotkeys!2. Changed the about page3. Added a few minor optionsv1.0.0.1 :1. Your settings are now saved from your last session so you only need to lớn enter them once. (Includes last fixed location)2. Added double clicking và triple clicking3. Added Right clicking and middle clicking




Choose whether khổng lồ follow your cursor or click at a fixed spot
Set the amount of times lớn click (or unlimited)Choose between which mouse button to lớn click as
Pick between single clicking, double clicking or triple clicking
Change the hotkeys
Convenient - Hotkeys work while application is in background
Settings are saved (includes last fixed location)Free and mở cửa Source
Clean User Interface
Low CPU usage
No advertisements or malware
Virus không tính phí (The amount of tekkenbasara.mobis with viruses out there are uncountable)

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It's excellent! I love it! I play a lot of games where you need to click a lot & this came in really handy, definetly recommend this!!

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Operating Systems
Android, Mac, Windows, Chrome
Intended Audience
End Users/Desktop
User Interface.NET/Mono
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With tekkenbasara.mobi, you can automate the task of clicking repeatedly on a particular point on the screen. You can also automate keyboard keys. Our New version comes with a dark mode feature.


Click Repeat

Click Repeat determines the number of clicks that will be conducted by the clicker. If you want a finite of clicks, feed in a numerical value on the click counter. Otherwise, choose the ‘Repeat Until Stopped’ option.

This means once the clicker starts, it will only stop if you manually press the stop mouse button on the floating clicker panel or use the hotkeys.


Target Points

Target Points are fixed spots on the screen where the clicker will click. You can either enter an X và Y coordinate of a click point, move your mouse cursor khổng lồ a specific location on the screen và press ‘Current Cursor fixed Location’.

You leave it lớn ‘Dynamic Cursor Location’ in which case the clicker will follow the movement of the mouse actions & click simultaneously. You have a lot of customization options.


Key Selection

Once you have adjusted all of the above background settings, select hotkeys to start & stop the hotkeys & press the hotkeys you selected khổng lồ see the mouse actions. If you press the hotkey khổng lồ stop and then to lớn start, it will start from the last fixed location when you press the stop hotkey.


Faster Mouse Clicking

As mentioned before, putting zeros in all the click interval divisions will give you the fastest mix of clicks. This is great for double clicking, triple clicking, middle clicking while playing games.


Recording Clicks

Advanced Clickers have the Record & Playback feature that can be efficiently put lớn use khổng lồ increase the clicker’s productivity. This feature allows you to lớn record a sequence of clicks và it will repeat the sequence carrying it out over và over again.

When you have khổng lồ use more than one mouse button in certain incremental games like minecraft or roblox, this will come in handy khổng lồ effectively mix several click points in a short span of time. The recording can be saved for future use as well.

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Numbered Clicks

The Numbered Clicks feature lets users save a series of clicks that can be made anywhere on the screen. The clicks will be saved in numerical order and will also play out the same way. Up lớn 10 clicks can normally be saved & played using this feature.



Q1. How bởi I turn on the tự động Clicker?

Ans: Once you download a clicker of your choice và set the relevant parameters, you can either start it by pressing on the switch that says ‘Start’ on the clicker’s interface or by simply pressing the start Hotkey.

Q2. Are auto Clickers illegal?

Ans: Using tekkenbasara.mobi might be unethical in the gaming community & also illegal to use in professional competitions but when it comes to day-to-day use, they are perfectly fine và can be used without a doubt.

Q3. What is the best tự động Clicker?

Ans: Irrespective of the operating system you are using, the best tự động clicker has to be IO. It is fast, virus-free, and takes up little CPU usage.

Q4. Is Source
Forge tekkenbasara.mobi safe?

Ans: Although it has been downloaded by several users, there have been significant complaints of malware viruses that have accompanied systems along with this clicker. If you want to tải về it, be sure lớn go through user reviews before you vì chưng so. You can download the malware virus không tính tiền file from our website.

Q5. Can Hypixel detect tự động hóa Clicker?

Ans: If you occasionally use an tự động hóa clicker, Hypixel will normally not be able khổng lồ detect it. However, if you have been using one for a long period of time, it is sure khổng lồ detect a similarity in the pattern và report your account.

Q6. Are tự động Clickers allowed on Roblox?

Ans: tự động hóa Clicker is not allowed on Roblox. On detecting one, Roblox will report your account, which can lead khổng lồ the eventual banning of your account.

Q7. How to use tekkenbasara.mobi EXE?

Ans: After you have installed the application on your Windows PC, launch it, feed in the various parameters (Target Point, Click Interval, Click Type, và Click Repeat), & click on the start button. You can also use the hotkey lớn start and stop the clicker.

Q8. What are tự động hóa clickers used for?

Ans: auto clickers are used mainly for playing ideal clicker games. They are mostly downloaded by the gaming community. To learn more, you can read our guide on tự động hóa clicker uses.

Q9. How bởi vì I get my mouse to tự động click in Windows 10?

Ans: You can download several clicker applications lượt thích IO tekkenbasara.mobi, OP tự động hóa clicker 3.0 & GS auto clicker, both of which are compatible with Windows 10. These will help you khổng lồ automate mouse clicks on your device.

Q10. Is Auto
Clicker a bot?

Ans: tự động hóa Clicker is not a bot as it has a simple task of single clicking or right-clicking on a certain point on the screen. A bot, on the other hand, has a more complex coding structure to it as it is designed to lớn interact with users.

Q11. How vì I get my phone lớn auto-click?

Ans: You can tải về our tự động clicker ứng dụng on your mac, game android or quả táo phone for miễn phí and start auto taping. 

Q12. How does an tự động clicker work?

Ans: It works like a script lớn automate mouse clicks và tasks.

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