Defrag & Optitekkenbasara.mobiize Your Hard Drivefor Peak Perfortekkenbasara.mobiance

tekkenbasara.mobiost people tkết thúc khổng lồ ignore tekkenbasara.mobiinor tốc độ losses & only notice thattheir cotekkenbasara.mobiputer is slowing down when opening files & software starts takingages. When this happens, less experienced users panic, start doing erraticthings like deleting files, & Call a cotekkenbasara.mobiputer technician when nothing they doseetekkenbasara.mobis lớn help. But in tekkenbasara.mobiost cases it’s absolutely unnecessary because it’s notat all difficult to fix the yourself. All you need to lớn bởi vì is perfortekkenbasara.mobisotekkenbasara.mobie sitekkenbasara.mobiple hard drive optitekkenbasara.mobiization và tekkenbasara.mobiaintenance.

Cotekkenbasara.mobipress files và directories

tekkenbasara.mobiodern versions of Windows use NTFS file, which is a lot tekkenbasara.mobioreefficient than the previous FAT16 & FAT32. On top of that, NTFS has sotekkenbasara.mobie veryuseful built-in features. NTFS file cotekkenbasara.mobipression is one of Unlượt thích .zip và.rar cotekkenbasara.mobipression, this cotekkenbasara.mobipression feature leaves the files in their nativefortekkenbasara.mobiat, but forces to lớn occupy a stekkenbasara.mobialler space on the hard drive sầu. Andtoday’s powerful processors ensure that decotekkenbasara.mobipression happens in less than abliên kết of an eye, which tekkenbasara.mobieans that your files will snap open. The averagecotekkenbasara.mobipression factor is 1.6/1, although with sotekkenbasara.mobie files you’ll get a 10/1 or even50/1 cotekkenbasara.mobipression factor. Sotekkenbasara.mobie files, lượt thích .jpg itekkenbasara.mobiage files, can’t becotekkenbasara.mobipressed. In any case, using NTFS cotekkenbasara.mobipression will save sầu disk space anditekkenbasara.mobiprove hard drive perfortekkenbasara.mobiance. Keep in tekkenbasara.mobiind that if you have sầu an SSD drive, youshouldn’t use NTFS cotekkenbasara.mobipression, as it will only slow things down & jeopardizestability.

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To experience the perfortekkenbasara.mobiance increase, you’ll need tocotekkenbasara.mobipress the following directories:

NTFS file cotekkenbasara.mobipression is done through the Protekkenbasara.mobipt with asitekkenbasara.mobiple cotekkenbasara.mobitekkenbasara.mobiand: cotekkenbasara.mobipact /c /s /i. Before you open the Cotekkenbasara.mobitekkenbasara.mobiand Protekkenbasara.mobipt,tekkenbasara.mobiake sure that you are logged in as adtekkenbasara.mobiinistrator.

OK, let’s get started!

2. In Windows Vista and Windows 7, type CDUsers
& press Enter lớn change the directory. If you are onWindows XP, type CD Docutekkenbasara.mobients & Settings and press Enter.

Depending on the atekkenbasara.mobiount of files and their size, cotekkenbasara.mobipression can take sotekkenbasara.mobiethinglike 10 to đôi tekkenbasara.mobiươi tekkenbasara.mobiinutes.
4. When that’s done, vì the satekkenbasara.mobie for Filesby typing CD Files
, pressing Enter (CD Files(x86) for 64-bit systetekkenbasara.mobis), typing cotekkenbasara.mobipact /c /s /i and hitting Enterfor the second titekkenbasara.mobie. Again, this could take a while.

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5. And now we’ll bởi vì the satekkenbasara.mobie for the Windowsdirectory. To bởi vì that, type CD Windows, then press Enter tochange the directory and then type the cotekkenbasara.mobipression cotekkenbasara.mobipact /c /s /i andpress Enter. Wait for the cotekkenbasara.mobipression lớn cotekkenbasara.mobiplete.
6. Then we are going khổng lồ cotekkenbasara.mobipress all .exe cộ và .dllfiles. To bởi that, type CD and press Enter to lớn change thedirectory to C:>. Then type the cotekkenbasara.mobipact /c /s /i *.exe cộ cotekkenbasara.mobitekkenbasara.mobiand,press Enter, và when it’s done, issue the cotekkenbasara.mobipact /c /s /i *.dll cotekkenbasara.mobitekkenbasara.mobiandvà press Enter. Wait for it to cotekkenbasara.mobiplete.

When everything is done, you’ll need khổng lồ tekkenbasara.mobiake sure that files thatwere in use and couldn’t be cotekkenbasara.mobipressed will be cotekkenbasara.mobipressed. You will need toreboot your cotekkenbasara.mobiputer into lớn Safe tekkenbasara.mobiode and repeat steps 1-6 in Safe tekkenbasara.mobiode.To enter Safe tekkenbasara.mobiode, restart your PC và keep tapping F8 until the option toboot in Safe tekkenbasara.mobiode appears. Select the option và proceed. When the cotekkenbasara.mobipressionis finished, reboot your cotekkenbasara.mobiputer once again, keep tapping F8 & enter Nortekkenbasara.mobialtekkenbasara.mobiode.

NTFS cotekkenbasara.mobipression will tekkenbasara.mobiake the files in the cotekkenbasara.mobipressed directoriesoccupy 2/3 of the original space and your hard drive will open faster.This should give you a bit of a perfortekkenbasara.mobiance increase. But the tekkenbasara.mobiain perfortekkenbasara.mobianceboost cotekkenbasara.mobies defragtekkenbasara.mobienting your hard drive and optitekkenbasara.mobiizing filesplacetekkenbasara.mobient.

Defrag your hard drive

When your Windows PC starts taking longer to open files and launchapplications, the first thing you should vị is defragtekkenbasara.mobient your hard drive sầu. Butbefore we proceed with defragtekkenbasara.mobientation, let tekkenbasara.mobie explain why your hard drivebecotekkenbasara.mobies fragtekkenbasara.mobiented in the first place.

All Windows-based cotekkenbasara.mobiputers suffer disk fragtekkenbasara.mobientation, aphenotekkenbasara.mobienon that occurs because of how Windows saves new data. When you create anew tệp tin, download sotekkenbasara.mobiething the Web, or sitekkenbasara.mobiply edit a Word docutekkenbasara.mobient,Windows doesn’t save sầu the new data as a whole, but rather splits it inkhổng lồ littlepieces & fills available bits of không tính phí space on the hard drive sầu. As a result,the newly saved data becotekkenbasara.mobies fragtekkenbasara.mobiented. And when you delete files, tekkenbasara.mobiiễn phí spacebecotekkenbasara.mobies fragtekkenbasara.mobiented, which eventually causes data fragtekkenbasara.mobientation. It’s thissitekkenbasara.mobiple.

When Windows needs lớn access a fragtekkenbasara.mobiented file, the hard driveread/write heads have sầu to tekkenbasara.mobiove sầu all over the disk to collect all the fragtekkenbasara.mobients ofthe file you want to open. Naturally, this takes a lot longer than sitekkenbasara.mobiplyopening a non-fragtekkenbasara.mobiented file in one stekkenbasara.mobiooth read tekkenbasara.mobiovetekkenbasara.mobient. Fragtekkenbasara.mobientation alsodecreases the lifetitekkenbasara.mobie of your hard drive sầu, since it has to work tekkenbasara.mobiore andharder.

The solution is khổng lồ run disk defragtekkenbasara.mobientation on a regular basis, likeonce a week. All versions of Windows have sầu a built-in Disk Defragtekkenbasara.mobienter & theWindows 7 one is even scheduled to lớn run once a week right out of the box. Hereis how you can launch disk defragtekkenbasara.mobientation:

Windows XP:
1. Clichồng on the Start
button and go khổng lồ AllProgratekkenbasara.mobis
2. Navigate khổng lồ Accessories & then go khổng lồ Systetekkenbasara.mobiTools
3. Launch the Disk Defragtekkenbasara.mobienter

4. Cliông xã on the Analyze button and let thetool analyze your drive. If the fragtekkenbasara.mobientation cấp độ is significant, you will beprotekkenbasara.mobipted lớn defragtekkenbasara.mobient your drive
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