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Did you know 55 percent of people watch videos online every day? 86 percent of viewers say they regularly turn to lớn YouTube to lớn learn something new. If you are still streaming your lectures, live sầu shows, Sunday services or how-to"s with just a Webcam and a Wi-Fi connection, it"s time to up your game.

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What is a Video Streaming Device?

With the exception of lower-unique videos on social truyền thông media, video content that you stream from the internet to lớn your TV is generally created through the use of professional đoạn phim equipment and streaming devices. These switchers, mixers, encoders, decoders, và more allow you to lớn take one or multiple broadcast đoạn Clip cameras and create a high-unique stream with HD Clip & chất lượng sound. A cloud-based content delivery network lượt thích Stream Monkey, Facebook Live, or YouTube will then transmit your message và content lớn the world. Using professional grade Clip equipment ensures that viewers have a fantastic experience, simplify your setup with plug-and-play functionality, and allows you lớn stream with a stable transmission, even from remote locations.

What Specific Equipment Do I Need for Streaming?

Audio Video Mixer/Switcher

AV switchers combine the functionality of an audio mixer và a Clip switcher into one easy to lớn use interface. A switcher enables you to combine various camera angles and audio sources, including external videos, and set them down khổng lồ a single output, such as a streaming device, đoạn phim recorder or monitor. If you are a one-man-show, or have sầu a small volunteer team, then a video và audio switcher will put everything you need at your fingertips. However, if you are working with a full crew, a professional, video-only broadcast mixer may give you more features than an AV switcher can provide.

Video encoder

A Video encoder converts digital video clip files from a standard format to lớn another format. Such as when you need to convert HDXiaoMi MI to HD-SDI or either of those formats to a computer format for editing or website streaming.

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Video decoder

A decoder is a hardware device or software that converts an encoded digital stream into audio or đoạn phim that can be displayed live sầu on a TV, di động device, or any other type of display.

Video Software

If you don’t want khổng lồ broadcast live sầu, editing software allows you lớn give your Clip a professional feel by integrating graphics, text, prerecorded videos và live chats. For a live sầu website broadcast, your streaming destination of choice usually will have sầu an encoder software that will upload your live video to their servers. Need a compact video clip broadcasting solution? Note that some đoạn Clip switchers are available in software khung, allowing you khổng lồ reduce the amount of equipment you need to lớn carry for streaming purposes.

CCI Solutions Has the Video Streaming Equipment You Need

CCI Solutions has a wide selection of broadcast equipment và hardware including switchers, encoders, decoders, software, và all the converters and cables you’ll need to connect and stream your video clip cameras. We also carry most top brands of additional professional video clip equipment as well, including đoạn Clip capture, wireless video clip transmission devices, format converters, và network distribution devices. Invest in top-chất lượng equipment lớn create videos that engage & inspire your audience. Not sure what you need khổng lồ get your system running? Get a miễn phí expert consultation by talking to one of our National Sales Consultants.

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