How to Convert/Edit/Download/Play Video Video Converter is a high-speed digital video converter that enables you khổng lồ quickly convert đoạn Clip khổng lồ virtually 500 formats. Download it & follow the guide to lớn learn how lớn convert/edit/download/play Clip and audio files.

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Cliông chồng Add Files button to lớn load video/audio files from your computer, or directly drag those truyền thông media files to lớn the primary interface.


Then the loaded video files will be displayed just as the screenshot shows. Clichồng the drop-down menu under Output Format: or hit the format inhỏ as circled to get the output format menu.


Now you can convert đoạn Clip to lớn MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV, AVI, WMV, M4V và various formats under Video, Audio, HD, Web & 3D tab, just choose an output format that you prefer.


You can also switch khổng lồ Device tab khổng lồ directly convert Clip to lớn fit your portable devices lượt thích iPhone, máy tính bảng iPad, Samsung, Smartphone HTC, LG, etc. You can hit the drop-down icon for more đoạn Clip presets.


Step 3 Convert Video

Click … to lớn specify an output folder where you store the converted đoạn Clip file. Then hit Convert button khổng lồ start video clip conversion.


In a while, you can see the conversion completes with the Finished sign. Now you can cliông chồng xuất hiện Folder to lớn fetch the converted files.


Part 2. How khổng lồ Edit Video

Before video clip conversion, you can personalize and touch up your videos in clicks. All you need is to lớn clichồng Edit inhỏ khổng lồ get the đoạn phim editing window.


Then you’ll see Mode, Tryên, Adjust, Effect, Watermark and Subtitles 6 Clip editing functions as follows.


Mode: Change original đoạn Clip mode to the proper one of 2 chiều 180 degree, 3 chiều 180 degree top/bottom, etc. Trim: Tryên ổn your favorite part from the Clip lớn convert for your portable devices.Adjust: Rotate/crop đoạn Clip, customize the frame kích thước (16:9, 4:3 etc.) và cut off blaông chồng margins.Effect: Set the brightness, contrast, saturation of the Clip and apply different movie styles.Watermark: Add image or text watermark lớn videos.Subtitle: Add plug-in SRT, ASS, SSA subtitle lớn videos.

Part 3. How to lớn Download Video

Switch lớn Download tab in the top, then you’ll be able to download online video/music from YouTube, Vimeo, Hulu and other 1000+ sites.

01 Download Online Video

Step 1. Copy the URL of your favorite video that you want to tải về.

Step 2. Clichồng Add URL button khổng lồ get the Add New Download windows and paste the URL to lớn the blank.

Step 3. Clichồng the drop-down ibé beside Save as: to lớn choose the output format as you like and hit OK to lớn start downloading online đoạn Clip.

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Step 4. Once finished, just go khổng lồ Finished tab khổng lồ get the downloaded Clip files.


02 Download YouTube to MP3

If you want to lớn convert YouTube video clip lớn MP3 for easy playback, just follow the steps below.

Step 1. Copy the URL of your desired YouTube Clip or playdanh mục that you want to lớn convert lớn MP3.

Step 2. Cliông chồng YouTube MP3 button and paste the URL to the blank.

Step 3. Click … to lớn customize the location where save sầu the extracted .mp3 file.

Step 4. Hit OK to lớn start download YouTube to lớn MP3.


03 Record Video

You can also record online đoạn phim in case of tải về error due to lớn some unknown reasons.

Step 1. Cliông xã Record Video & you’ll get a pop up window for recording.

Step 2. Drag the recording box lớn the proper place as you wish.

Step 3. Clichồng the REC on the top left to start recording, there’ll be 3 seconds countdown for you lớn prepare.

Step 4. Press ESC lớn stop recording và the recorded đoạn Clip will be displayed on the main interface.


Part 4. How to lớn Play Video Video Converter also functions as a perfect truyền thông player that plays any Clip và DVD files in one clichồng. Go khổng lồ Play tab in the top and cliông chồng Open Files khổng lồ add your desired truyền thông media tệp tin.


Then you can see Video Converter starts playing the video clip immediately. While playing, you can snapshots of your favorite movie scenes, enjoy fullscreen view, convert files, etc. from the functions keys in the bottom right.

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