Adobe Premiere Pro vs Adobe Premiere Elements – find out which of these đoạn Clip editing applications by Adobe is perfect for your requirements.


Adobe Premiere Pro vs Adobe Premiere Elements is probably something you"ve been pondering if you"re trying khổng lồ decide between video editing tools. Although Premiere Pro and Premiere Elements are both đoạn phim editing applications by Adobe, they have sầu a distinct mix of features that are better suited to users of different skill levels. 

In this article, we’ll look at their features, performance, support, và pricing plans to lớn help you gauge which one’s right for your skill cấp độ. To know more about other đoạn phim editing software, kiểm tra out this article on the best Clip editing software .

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Today"s best Premiere Pro và Premiere Elements deals

1. Premiere Pro: the best video clip editing software overallAdobe"s Premiere Pro is a professional tool for đoạn Clip editing. This industry standard software works on both PC và Mac, và offers everything you need, although it may be too complex for beginners.View Deal

3. Adobe Premiere Elements: the best option for beginnersIf you"re new khổng lồ đoạn Clip editing, Premiere Pro is going lớn be a bit of a tough learning curve sầu. Instead, why not start with Adobe Premiere Elements? This simplified version is also cheaper, và still gets you create very professional results.View Deal

Premiere Pro & Premiere Elements are đoạn phim editing applications from Adobe (Image credit: Adobe)

Premiere Pro và Premiere Elements have a massive sầu range of features. Here, we compare some of the most essential ones, as well as features that are exclusive khổng lồ one or the other program. We also look at the learning tools they provide. Since Premiere Pro is professional grade software, you’ll notice it excels in most areas. Premiere Elements, on the other h&, is better suited for beginners and casual users. 

Premiere Pro’s sleek and dark-themed interface enhances productivity. The application is divided into lớn multiple workspaces, such as Learning, Editing, and Audio, that will help you focus on one task at a time and switch between tasks easily.

The workspaces are divided inlớn four customisable panels lớn help you see various aspects of your work. For instance, the Editing workspace will have the source panel for previewing individual clips, the timeline panel to add & edit footage, the effects panel for adding effects khổng lồ a clip, & the Clip playbaông chồng panel. 

Premiere Elements has a more basic interface, with three edit interfaces to lớn choose from: Quiông xã, Guided, & Expert.

The Quiông chồng edit interface is for beginners & will help you trim your videos swiftly or combine clips, photos, and other elements. The Guided edit interface helps you create advanced video clip effects with step-by-step instructions. Finally, the Expert edit interface has a multi-layered timeline with more tools, including transitions và colour editing. 

Premiere Elements has a simpler interface and fewer tools than Premiere Pro. This makes it suitable for novice or casual users, who won’t find it overwhelming. Experts and professionals, however, will want to go for Premiere Pro’s advanced capabilities.

Premiere Pro has an in-built tool to lớn download royalty-không tính tiền stock audio (Image credit: Adobe)

Premiere Pro’s audio tools surpass those of Premiere Elements by a colossal margin. You can adjust and phối the audio gain, clean up noise, remove specific frequencies, và vày much more. You can even pReviews, filter, và tải về high-chất lượng, royalty-không lấy phí stoông xã audio from the application. This feature saves time, since you won’t have sầu khổng lồ trawl the web for a suitable audio traông xã. 

Premiere Elements only offers basic audio tools lớn change audio levels, reduce noise, adjust bass & reverb, so Premiere Pro is the clear winner here.

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Premiere Elements offers 25 guided edits lớn create stunning Clip effects (Image credit: Adobe)

Premiere Pro’s Learning workspace has simple tutorials for beginners to learn the basics, lượt thích understanding the interface, importing truyền thông, & editing clips. You can also kiểm tra out our các mục of the best Premiere Pro tutorials.

Premiere Elements’ Guided edit interface has 25 guided edits that provide clear instructions to help you create complex video clip edits. These guided edits include creating double exposure videos, animated graphics & matte overlays, và picture-in-picture effects. 

Premiere Pro’s in-application tutorials aren’t as complex as Premiere Elements’, so the latter is the winner in this category. But on the Adobe trang web, Premiere Pro offers over 100 tutorials for both beginners and experts, và also lets you tải về sample videos for practicing. In contrast, Premiere Elements has around 25 tutorials on the Adobe website.

Auto lớn Creations prepares collages for you automatically (Image credit: Adobe)

The Auto lớn Creations feature in Premiere Elements uses AI to lớn prepare pholớn và Clip edits automatically for you from the footage you’ve sầu worked on. It puts together photo lớn và đoạn Clip collages, creates slideshows, takes snapshots from your videos, & applies effects to lớn your photos. You’ll find these creations on the home page screen of the application, & you can cốt truyện them on social truyền thông platforms directly. This is handy if you post visuals online frequently. Premiere Pro, however, doesn’t have sầu such a feature.

Productions enables teams to work together on projects (Image credit: Adobe)

Premiere Pro’s Productions feature helps editors to collaborate on projects. It presents a scalable structure for teammates khổng lồ nội dung và organize assets, và enables editors to lớn work on the same project. This is a useful feature for professional editors working on large projects. Premiere Elements, however, doesn’t offer any tools for collaboration. 

Adobe Premiere Pro vs Adobe Premiere Elements: Performance 

Premiere Pro lets you work on multiple projects simultaneously (Image credit: Adobe)

For both the applications, the minimum system requirement is khổng lồ run Microsoft Windows 10 v1903, or macOS v10.14, and have sầu an Intel 6th Generation processor. You’ll also need 8 GB of RAM, 2 GB of GPU VRAM (only for Premiere Pro), 1280 x 800 display resolution, 8 GB of available hard-disk space for installation, và an internet connection for software activation.

Premiere Pro is a sturdy application và can process và render large clips faster than Premiere Elements. The latter supports DVD, H.264, HEVC, và more formats for importing và exporting. Premiere Pro is more versatile & supports over 40 formats, including HEIF, HEVC, & MOV, so you’ll be able to open footage from all kinds of sources. 

Premiere Pro also lets users work on multiple projects simultaneously, but with Premiere Elements, you can only work on a single project at a time. In terms of performance, then, Premiere Pro comes out on top. 

Adobe Premiere Pro vs Adobe Premiere Elements: Support 

Both applications have the same, svào level of user tư vấn. In the FAQ sections of the Adobe website, you’ll find answers to lớn basic, technical, payment-related, and learning-related questions. The online Help Center also provides answers on installation, account management, và other comtháng issues. 

If your question isn’t answered in the above sầu sections, Adobe offers phone & chat-based support. There’s an online diễn đàn where you can ask members of the community for help, too.

Adobe Premiere Pro vs Adobe Premiere Elements: Pricing và plans 

Premiere Elements is available for a one-time price of $99.99 và receives upgrades every year. It’ll cost you $79.99 per license upgrade. 

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