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FullScreen mode is a property you can set for PDFs usedfor presentations. In Full Screen mode, PDFpages fill the entire screen, & the Acrobat menu bar, toolbar, andwindow controls are hidden. You can also set other opening views,so that your documents or collections of documents open to a consistentview. In either case, you can add page transitions lớn enhance thevisual effect as the viewer pages through the document.

To control how you navigate a PDF (for example, advancing pagesautomatically), use the options in the Full Screen panelof the Preferences dialog box. These preferences are specific toa system—not a PDF document—and affect all PDFs that you open onthat system. Therefore, if you set up your presentation on a systemyou control, you can control these preferences.

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Normal view and Full Screen view.

Whemãng cầu user opens your PDF document or PDF Portfolio,they see the initial view of the PDF. You can mix the initial viewto the magnification cấp độ, page, và page layout that you want.If your PDF is a presentation, you can mix the initial view lớn FullScreen mode. In Acrobat Pro youcan create Action Wizards lớn change mặc định settingsfor multiple documents.

After you define the initial viewof the PDF, you can add page transitions khổng lồ selected pages or theentire document.

Select the options you want, & then cliông xã OK. You haveto save sầu và reopen the file lớn see the effects.

Choose Page Only fromthe Navigation Tab thực đơn.

Choose Single Page from the PageLayout menu.

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Set mở cửa To Page khổng lồ the pageon which you want to start the presentation.

Selectmở cửa In Full Screen Mode to lớn open the documentwithout the thực đơn bar, toolbar, or window controls displayed. ClickOK. (You have sầu lớn save sầu and reopen the file khổng lồ see the effects.)

Users can exit Full Screen modeby pressing Esc if their preferences are set this way. However,in Full Screen mode, users cannot apply commandsand select tools unless they know the keyboard shortcuts. You maywant khổng lồ phối up page actions in the document khổng lồ provide this functionality.

The Initial View optionsin the Document Properties are organizedinto lớn three areas: Layout And Magnification,Window Options, and User Interface Options.

Choose Tools > Organize Pages > More > Page Transitions.

In the Page Thumbnails panel, select the page thumbnails you want khổng lồ apply transitions lớn, và choose Page Transitions from the options menu 


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